Introducing the Bozeman Triathlon Club

2007 Treasure State Triathlon 

The Bozeman Triathlon Club @ 2007 Treasure State Triathlon
Standing L-R – Rob Wales, Joanna Wales, Kris Evans, Greg Ernest, Ryan Takeshita, Art Thompson, Douglas Brown, Lawrence Sampson, Greg Benjamin.  Front L-R – Chris McMahon, Janet Heiss Arms, Tony Thatcher, Megan Dugan, Chris Depner, Cheri Juergens, Dan Heil.  MIA (Not Pictured) Club Competitors – Molly Hayes, Kerry Neal & Support – Sherri Pearson, Jen Masquelier, Laurie Thatcher.  Thanks to Sherri Pearson for this outstanding photo!

In 2007 members of the Bozeman Master’s Swim Club founded the Bozeman Triathlon Club (BTC), an official USAT sanctioned group.  Over the past few months members of the club have held regular track workouts, set-up impromptu running groups, done a few open water swims around Bozeman, competed in the Spring Meadow tri here in Bozeman, and are now getting a group together for cross-country skiing.

In addition, the BTC has lined up one of Team BOZE’s own swimmers and Ironman Kona competitors, Laurie Thatcher, to help establish workout routines, long-term training plans, and to give tips and advice to BTC members wishing to compete in triathlon.

At present, most members of the BTC are also members of the Master’s Club, but it’s not a requirement.  But hey, if you’re a triathlete, why not join the Master’s Club and improve your swimming this winter?  Maybe you’ll find someone to go for one of those long cold rides too.  Starting in January or February, there will be dedicated swimming workouts for triathletes one night a week at the Bozeman Swim Center.  Come join us…

If you’re at all interested in joining our club, don’t hesitate to contact Art Thompson for details.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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