Tonite’s Running Session — 5/29

6:00 PM, Thursday, 5/29
Meet @ the Shed, MSU Intramural Fields, in lieu of Bogert Park

Today, Tri Club Running Coach Justin Mellmann offers a change in venue.  The Club will rendezvous @ the MSU Intramural Fields at 6:00 PM this evening, in lieu of Bogert Park.  The intramural fields are located on Lincoln Avenue between 11th and 19th.  Meet at the Shed, in the southeast corner of the fields.  See you there!


Intensity Training Session

Normal Venue*




Bogert Park


6:00 PM Sharp


Bogert Park


6:00 PM Sharp


Gold’s Gym


8:00 AM Sharp

*  Meet here, unless notified otherwise (like today)!

Cycling practice Wednesday 5-21@ 6pm

Join us for a recovery ride- its week 8 of our 20 week plan and time to let the bodies do some recovering.  Everyone has been progressing and working hard.  We will ride 50-60 minutes easy to moderate with some 20 second easy sprints mixed in.  If the weather is uncooperative we will meet and spin at Golds at 6:15pm.  A reminder if it is raining moderate to hard, lightening, snowing or below 40 we will ride inside.

Spring Meadow Triathlon

SPRING MEADOW TRIATHLON — Sunday, July 13th, Helena, MT
Experience one of the best triathlons in Montana, race with the Club, and save on entry fees with your new Bozeman Triathlon Club and USAT annual memberships! See Special 2-4-1 Membership Offer Blog Post Below.

With your new USAT license, Tritons can subtract $10 from the regular entry fee.  This opportunity is only available by mail.  Download, complete and mail the attached entry form to — “Mike Jacobson, Spring Meadow Triathlon, 2011 Chimney Rock Road, Helena, MT 59601.”  Subtract $10 per USAT licensed individual from the regular entry fee (see table below) and make checks payable to – “Team Great Divide.”  The Club is currently processing USAT membership applications.  While you are waiting for a membership number to be assigned from USA Triathlon, you can still register by writing “PENDING” on the registration form.  Ultimately, ALL USAT member racers will need to present your USAT membership card at packet pickup for the race.  Additional race information is available at

Spring Meadow Triathlon Entry Fee Schedule



Entry Fee

Entry Fee w/USAT License









Team – 1 Swimmer, 1 Cyclist, 1 Runner



$70 (3 USAT Licensed Racers)

Team – 1 Swimmer, 1 Cyclist, 1 Runner



$90 (3 USAT Licensed Racers)

Spring Meadow Triathlon Entry Form


Tip for the week:  When using supplements (other than Gatorade/Heed and others of the sort) use caution and ask your doctor before use.  Supplements are not regulated by the FDA and there is no way to be sure they contain what they say or are safe and will do anything.  Before taking a supplement, do some indpendent research on the product for safety and effectiveness.

 US Pharmacopia (USP) is an non-profit agency that independently checks supplements for quality, packaging, purity, strength and identity.  To check to see if a supplement has been tested and approved go to for more information.

Invitation & USA Triathlon Special Offer!



Buy 1 Bozeman Tri Club Membership, Get 1 USAT Membership FREE!
Triathletes Only $30, MSU Students Only $20.  Save Over 50%!

Current USAT Members – Get 12 Months Added To Your Current Expiration Date!

Get a Fast Start for 2008 Tri Season — Get Two Memberships for Less than the Price of One!
* Package includes 1-year membership for Bozeman Triathlon Club AND USA Triathlon.
* Membership package only $30! MSU students only $20. Regular price $69. Save over 50%.

USAT & Bozeman Triathlon Club Membership Benefits
* Coached workouts. Clinics. Sponsor discounts.
* Savings on race entry fees. Waiver of $10 single day USAT license fee.
* Subscription to the quarterly USAT publication — USA Triathlon Life.
* Inclusion in the USAT ranking system, after competing in three events.
* Eligibility to compete at USAT Short Course Triathlon and Duathlon National Championships.

USAT & Bozeman Triathlon Club Member Responsibilities
* Participate in Bozeman Triathlon Club activities. Train and race with the Club.

USA Triathlon Pacific Northwest Club Championships
The Bozeman Triathlon Club is competing in the 2008 USAT PNW Club Championships.  The Championships is not a race this year, but a membership drive. USAT PNW is offering cash prizes to USAT Clubs in its region. Get a great deal on an annual membership with the Bozeman Triathlon Club & USA Triathlon, and support the Club in the USAT PNW Club Championships!

Eligibility for Membership Special
New members are welcome.  Existing members are eligible.  Membership packages are limited.  Preference granted to new USAT members & members currently training with the Club.

Membership Application & Enrollment
If you are interested in this special membership opportunity, please contact Bozeman Triathlon Club Coordinator Sherri Pearson at or Art Thompson at

Downloadable Membership Forms

Bozeman Triathlon Club Waiver

USA Triathlon Membership Application & Waiver

USAT & Bozeman Triathlon Club — Membership Special Sponsors
Many thanks to Bangtail Bikes and Fleet Feet for sponsoring the Club and providing capital for this promotion.  Support our sponsors and mention you’re a proud member of the Tritons!

Bangtail Bikes

Fleet Feet

Training Schedule Refinements!

Based on Club feedback, the training program sports a few schedule refinements.  Starting next week, the Club will conduct cycling sessions on Wednesdays, in lieu of Tuesdays, AND practice start times for cycling and running will move back fifteen minutes to 6:00 PM!  The practice schedule for this week remains unchanged.  We’ll  cycle tonight at 5:45 PM, and run on Thursday at 5:45 PM.  See you there!

Current Training Schedule — Ending This Week, 5/15

Intensity Training Session Meeting Place Day Time
Cycling Bogert Park Tuesdays 5:45 PM
Running Bogert Park Thursdays 5:45 PM
Dryland Gold’s Gym Saturdays 8:00 AM

New Training Schedule — Starting Next Week, 5/18

Intensity Training Session Meeting Place Day Time
Cycling Bogert Park Wednesdays 6:00 PM
Running Bogert Park Thursdays 6:00 PM
Dryland Gold’s Gym Saturdays 8:00 AM

In case of inclement weather, meet at Gold’s Gym @ 6:15 PM for spinning!  In the event of inclement weather at the time of cycling practice, the cycling session will be moved indoors to the Gold’s Gym spinning room.  The Club has defined inclement weather as – snow, moderate-to-hard rain, or temperatures below 40 degrees.  The session will start at 6:15 PM SHARP.

This back-up plan is free to all Bozeman Triathlon Club members, and membership at Gold’s Gym is not necessary [although we do encourage our members to support Gold’s Gym and our Tri Club sponsors, :o)].  Upon arrival at Gold’s, just mention at the front desk that you’re with the Tri Club, and you might want to thank Gold’s for supporting the Club and providing this back-up plan opportunity!


During the base training phase of a training plan, find out the brands and types of foods and drinks that will be offered at your priority races for the summer.  Start experimenting with these foods in your training now.   You may find that one flavor or product doesn’t work for you, causing stomach cramps and/or vomiting during training, while other flavors and foods do work for you.  There is no one magic food for everybody since we all metabolize food differently.  However, with time and patience, you should be able to find a product and food that works for you while training and racing.  The more time you give yourself to figure out the food that is right for you, the more you will get out of your training with the appropriate food and fuel.  Some tips to consider in finding the right food for you is to start with low fiber, low fat and low sugar foods as too much of any one or all of these will be harder to digest likely causing stomach cramps.  Some products to consider are sports gels, sports bars such as Powerbar or Clifbar, fig newtons, bananas and jelly beans. 

Nutrition Blog up and running

Hi All,

 Thanks for the well-wishes and congratulations with Tristan.  We are having a great time with him.  He is a great baby and ready for swimming, biking and running already as all he wants to do is move around as much as he can-and he’s not even crawling!!  I am planning on posting a weekly nutrition tip or comment on Sunday’s of every week.  I thought for the summer I would tie it in to the triathlon training plan that is set up with the tri club and focus on:

Nutrition for base training in May

Nutrition for the build phase of training in June-mid July

Nutrition for tapering/racing end of July and August

 If anyone has questions or would like to see something of a particular interest on the web-site, let me know and I would be happy to do that. 

Look for a new post by Monday.  Thanks for your patience with me 🙂


Join us tomarrow 5/6/08 for biking!!

We will be doing short hill climbs tomarrow- meet at Bogart Park at 5:45 sharp!!! Hope to see you there!

Tri tip for the week:  The best thing you can do to improve speed on the bike in addition to training is purchase aero bars and use them!! 

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