Correction- Spring Meadow Tri is Sunday July 13th!!!

oopps…sorry for any confusion….The Spring Meadow Tri is in Helena on Sunday, July 13, 2008- not Saturday!!

Workouts for week of June 30th-July 13th 2008

Tuesday July 1- Masters swim or see training plan for detailed swim workout.

Wed July 2- Cycling: WU: 20 min include 2-3 surges of 30 seconds to elevate your Heart rate and prepeare for the workout. MS: 5×5 min hill climbs at threshold (level 8 on 1-10 scale; the hardest pace you can maintain for 30 minutes) with 3 min active recovery between each. CD: at least 20 minutes.

Thus July 3- Running: WU 15-20 minutes. MS: 1 x mile, 1×800, 2×400, 4×200 with equal recovery between. CD: 15 minutes. MEET AT THE HIGH SCHOOL TRACK @ 6PM!!

Masters Swim or see training plan for detailed workout.

Sunday July 6th- Masters Swim or see training plan for detailed workout!

Tuesday July 8th- Masters Swim or see training plan for detailed workout.

Wed July 9th- Cycling: WU: 30 minutes include 3-4 surges or pickups.<br MS: 1×30 min at threshold (level 8- hard but controlled- the hardest pace you can maintain for 30 minutes) This is a geat time to be in the aero position!
CD: 30 minutes.

Thurs July 10th- Running: MEET AT BOGART PARK!! WU: 20 minutes. MS: 2-4 min hill intervals with equal recovery. CD: 15 minutes

Masters Swim or see training plan for detailed work out.

Friday July 11th: open water swim at East Gallatin Rec Area- 6pm,

Saturday July 12th- Spring Meadow Triathlon- Helena

Sunday July 13th- Masters Swim.

Workouts for Week of June 23rd, Training Plan Update

The training plan has been updated and completed.  Go to it for all the workouts!

Bozeman Triathlon Club Training Plan — June 24, 2008 Update, Version 4.0

Tuesday:  Swimming.  Masters swim at 7:30 pm OR see training plan for detailed workout.

Wednesday:  Cycling.  6pm.  Bogert Park-Time Trial clinic– learn the basics and details of time trialing for an effective bike leg of your triathlon.  This will be an “active” clinic and lecture so come prepared to ride.  Also, bring your running shoes for a brief run (brick) workout after the ride!!

Thursday:  Running.  6pm.  Meet at the fields behind the high school.  WU: 15 min. MS: 1×800, 2×400, 4×200, equal recovery between.  Swimming.  Masters swim at 7:30 pm OR see training plan for detailed workout.

Friday:  Open Water Swimmming.  6pm.  East Gallatin Recreation Area

Saturday:  Dryland Training.  8am .  Meet at Peet’s Hill!

So Much Stuff!

TRITONS TIME TRIAL CLINIC – Wednesday, June 25th, 6:00 PM – Bogert Park
Learn to Cycle Faster!
Sebastian White of the GAS Cycling team will join Coach Laurie during this training session and offer cycling advice, to gain speed and maximize efficiency.  Put on your aero bars and join us for this clinic and riding session.  Bring your running shoes, and we’ll finish off the TT with a brick.  This educational clinic is free, and open to all Triton members and the general public.  Hope to see you there!

Soccer Fields, Just North of Bozeman High School Track
Tri Club Running Coach Justin Mellmann offers a change in venue.  This week only, the Club will rendezvous at the Soccer fields, just north of the Bozeman High School Track.  See you there!

OPEN WATER SWIM – Friday, June 27th, 6:00 PM – East Gallatin Recreation Area
Bring your wetsuit!
Coach Laurie will lead this combination of an initial OWS clinic and training session.  Should be a fun way to end the work week!

DRYLAND TRAINING – Saturday, June 28th, 8:00 AM – Peet’s Hill
Meet in the Parking Lot South of the Library, at the Base of Peet’s Hill!
Coach Minde had us outside last week, running bleachers and strengthening our core.  This week, the Club will rendezvous at Peet’s Hill for even more fun and fitness variety, outdoors!

All 6 Tritons Finish! Congratulations Guys! Cannot Wait to Hear the Stories!

Overall Finish Time Triton
250 11:02:12 Dan Martin
714 12:18:54 Doug Fletcher
915 12:48:33 Greg Benjamin
1032 13:05:41 Neil Sexton
1230 13:37:41 Lawrence Sampson
1524 14:28:42 Joe Cobb

Tritons Dan Heil #2 Overall Male, Brooke Nelson #2 Overall Female! Congrats to All!

Overall Finish Time Triton
2 1:35:58 Dan Heil
8 1:46:12 Cole Robertson
9 1:46:44 Brooke Nelson
22 2:03:52 Cheryl Juergens

Triton Molly Hayes Repeats! Age Group World Champion for the Second Year in a Row!  Congratulations Molly!
Check out the race story here —

Triton Chris Depner Places 4th in Age Group, Qualifies for Nationals!  Congratulations Chris!

MAKE IT HURT ON THE DIRT OFF-ROAD DUATHLON – Friday, July 4th, Homestake Lodge
Duathlon is Back for 2008!
Triton Sponsor Homestake Lodge is hosting the event on Homestake Pass near Butte, MT.  Racers may either compete as individuals or in teams.  There are classes for adults and two junior categories.  After the event there will be a barbecue, beverages, and music.  Adult distances are 9 miles/bike, and 4 miles/run.  The Under 10 Junior Course is 2 miles/bike, and 1 mile/run; the under 14 Junior Course is 4 miles/bike and 2 miles/run.  Terrain is a combination of logging roads, trails, and single track suitable for most riders and runners. Adult Individual – $30.00, Adult Relay – $35.00, Youth – $12.50, additional barbecue ticket $7.50 (1 bbq ticket included with race entry).  Juniors start at 9:00 AM and Adults start immediately following the Junior finish.  Register on at the following link,  Race day registration is available and it is the same price.  Please arrive by 8:30 AM on the day of the event to register.  Directions: Exit 233 off I-90, get on FS 240 at the cattle guard on the South side of the interchange.  Travel for 3 miles until the Homestake Lodge Road is on the right.

Make It Hurt On The Dirt Entry Form

31 Tritons Now Down Under PNW USAT Championships Membership Drive!
Here’s the current and official Triton Membership roster.  After just a month or so, THIRTY-ONE! Bozeman Triathlon Club members have committed to the program.  All are now or are soon-to-be official USAT members, too.  It’s a great start, and our position going in to the Pacific Northwest USAT Championships looks good.  FYI, the Club will likely need to end the free USA Triathlon membership drive giveaway ($39 value) very soon.  The Club’s funds for this terrific promotion are limited, and we will not have the capacity to underwrite this campaign much longer.  So, heads up to your tri friends, as this opportunity is about to expire.  Meanwhile, please welcome our new members to the Club, introduce yourself, and support our training sessions and clinics!

1 Benjamin, Greg
2 Clayton, Steve
3 Cobb, Joe
4 Depner, Chris
5 Fletcher, Doug
6 Fulton, Furry
7 Gaillard, David
8 Hayes, Molly
9 Heil, Dan
10 Jeurgens, Cheri
11 LeFeber, Jeremy
12 Martin, Chris
13 Martin, Eric
14 Mellmann, Justin
15 Mellmann, Lisa Lee
16 Montague, Ada
17 Nelson, Brooke
18 Pearson, Sherri
19 Peters, Suzanna
20 Purvis, Lander
21 Rhodes, Kitrick
22 Robbins, Mary
23 Robertson, Cole
24 Sampson, Lawrence
25 Sexton, Neil
26 Takeshita, Ryan
27 Thatcher, Laurie
28 Thatcher, Tony
29 Thomas, Aunge
30 Thompson, Art
31 Van Court, Emily

Your Daily Needs

After being out of town and a few weeks of getting back to normal, I will be updating the log once again.  This week is how to figure out your daily caloric needs.

 There are several equations for figuring out your daily calorie needs, but an easy one to use and understand takes into account your body weight and activity level.  Be honest about your activity level, because this is where people tend to gain weight-when they overestimate how much they are really doing. 

 Less active= little or no activity, recovery from injury or illness : Body weight in pounds x 13.5-15 calories/pound

Light to moderate activity= 45-60 minutes of purposeful activity at a moderate intensity: Body wt (lbs) x 16-20 cals/lb

Very Active= 60-120 mins activity most days of the week: Body wt (lbs) x 21-25 cals/lb

Extremely active= training for an ultraendurance event (Ironman): Body wt (lbs) x 25-30 cals/lb

In general, women should use the lower end of the equations due to theeir smaller body mass and men the mid to upper range. 

Week of June 16th workouts and clinics

A reminder to all that we will meet at the East Gallatin Rec Area on Tuesday 17th@ 6pm for a transistion clinic. This is a “hands on clinic” so come prepared with all your gear (swim, bike, run stuff) to practice transitions. If the weather is poor we will meet at Fleet Feet.

**This is a recovery week- use the time to recover and rest as you need!
Tuesday June 17th: Masters swim or 1750 as:
WU 300 easy 8×25 drills/choice RI 10 sec, MS: 5×100 @ mod RI: 5 sec,
6X75 @ vo2max RI 45 sec, CD 300 easy.

Wed: Cycling:
WU: 20 min, MS: 1×22 min tempo @ threshold, CD: 20 min.

Thursday: Running 30-40 min easy run
Swim Masters or 1900 m as: WU: 300easy, 8×50 drills/choice RI 10 sec, MS 5×200 @ threshold RI 45 sec, 4×25@speed RI 20 sec, CD: 300 easy

More Clinics!

TRITONS TRANSITION CLINIC – Tuesday, June 17th, 6:00 PM – East Gallatin Recreation Area
Learn to Transition Faster!
Listen up! Stop taking those coffee breaks at T1 and T2.  Get in-and-out of the zone fast.  Matthew Parks will join Coach Laurie during this practice session to offer tips and help you lessen your time in the transition zone.  Bring your gear, your bike, lay it out, and we’ll practice.  This educational clinic is free, and open to all Triton members and the general public. Join us!

TRITONS TIME TRIAL CLINIC – Wednesday, June 25th, 6:00 PM – Bogert Park
Learn to Cycle Faster!
Sebastian White of the GAS Cycling team will join Coach Laurie during this training session and offer cycling advice, to gain speed and maximize efficiency.  Put on your aero bars and join us for this clinic and riding session.  This educational clinic is free, and open to all Triton members and the general public, too.  Hope to see you there!

Training Plan Update!

Coach Laurie has updated the Club’s Training Plan.  Follow the plan to maximize your success for the mid-August Treasure State Triathlon, or just pick and choose the training sessions that work for you, that match your lifestyle and training goals.  For all, while training — remember to keep it fun, listen to your body, and be flexible with your training plan.  Check it out, and good luck with your training this summer! 

Bozeman Triathlon Club Training Plan — June 10, 2008 Update, Version 3.0

Week of June 9th workouts

This weeks workouts:

Tuesday masters swim or  2800M as: WU:400, 8×50 drills/choice RI 10sec, MS: 3×600 @ threshold( level 8 on scale of 1-10) RI 1 min, CD 200easy

Wed intensity cycling: WU 25 min, MS: 6x5min hill @ threshold with 3 min active recovery, CD 25 min

Thursday Intensity run: 50-60 min fartlek: 3-4 min on, 3-4 min off

Masters swim or 2700 M as WU 400, 8×50 drills, RI 10 sec, MS:12×100 @Vo2max (level 9) Ri 15 sec, 500 pull CD 200easy.

Please see the training plan for the remaining workouts!

Treasure State Triathlon Weekend!

TREASURE STATE TRIATHLON — Sunday, August 17th, Bozeman, MT
Experience one of the best triathlons in Montana!
Triton sponsor Fleet Feet is hosting this race, the Club’s focus race for the season!  We hope to have a large turnout of Club members participating in the event. 15 last year!  Detailed race information is available at  Fleet Feet Owner Tony Brendgard adds, “The entry fee includes a technical tee shirt from Saucony.  We have purchased the Saucony shirts this year because part of the proceeds go towards the Saucony Run for Good Program to fight childhood obesity.  Along with the tee, at packet pickup participants will receive a reusable tote for their goodie bag (instead of the plastic bag in the past).  Swim caps, lip balm, energy gels are just a few items we are planning on stuffing in the bags this year.  We are working with our vendors to get more goodies in the packets.  A post race BBQ is also included in the entry fee.  We cover the costs for the food and BBQ rental.  We have asked that family and friends try to contribute a little to help pay for the burgers and beans they eat.  We hope to see more local Bozeman triathletes this year, we love the Missoula crowd, but come on, this is Bozeman!”

Treasure State Triathlon Entry Fee Schedule

Participant Distance Entry Fee Entry Fee w/USAT License
Individual Olympic $60 $50
Team – 1 Swimmer, 1 Cyclist, 1 Runner Olympic $90 $60 (3 USAT Licensed Racers)

Join the Tritons and save on Treasure State Triathlon Entry Fees!
See Special 2-4-1 Bozeman Triathlon Club and USA Triathlon Membership Offer Below.
With a Club membership and complimentary USAT license, Tritons can subtract $10 from the regular entry fee for the Treasure State Triathlon.  This entry fee discount is available by mail (see attached entry form) or online at  Better yet, save the stamp or $2.00 processing fee online, stop by Fleet Feet, introduce yourself, drop off your entry form, check out the cool tri products and thank Tony Brendgard and staff for sponsoring the Club.  Make checks payable to “Treasure State Triathlon.”  The Club continues to process USAT membership applications.  As previously mentioned, do not wait for your USAT membership number to register for this event and be left out!  You can still register for the Treasure State Triathlon by writing “PENDING” in the slot for the USAT # on the entry form or online.  Ultimately, ALL USAT member racers will need to present their USAT membership card at packet pickup for the race.

 Treasure State Triathlon Entry Form

5th Annual Bozeman Masters Swim Club & Bozeman Triathlon Club Picnic – Saturday, August 16th, 5:30 PM
Fuel Up the Night Before the Big Race!  Families and Children Welcome!
The Bozeman Masters Swim Club and Bozeman Triathlon Club invite you to its annual potluck picnic and fueling session.  What a jam packed weekend!  Bozeman Masters members, Bozeman Triathlon Club members & Treasure State Triathlon competitors, including their families and children, are welcome!  Montana Molly and Tom Hayes are once again hosting the event.  The picnic is scheduled for Saturday evening, August 16th at 5:30 PM.  It should be another fun-filled, potluck fueling session.  Enjoy good food and camaraderie, while admiring the Hayes’ lawns, grapevines and Russian olive trees.

Buy 1 Bozeman Tri Club Membership, Get 1 USAT Membership FREE!
Triathletes Only $30, MSU Students Only $20.  Save Over 50%.
Current USAT Members – Get a 12 Month Extension Added To Your Current Membership!

Get a Fast Start for 2008 Tri Season — Get Two Memberships for Less than the Price of One!
Package includes 1-year membership for Bozeman Triathlon Club AND USA Triathlon.  Membership package only $30!  MSU students only $20.  Regular price $69.  Save over 50%.

USAT & Bozeman Triathlon Club Membership Benefits
* Coached workouts.  Clinics.  Sponsor discounts.
* Savings on race entry fees.  Waiver of $10 single day USAT license fee.
* Subscription to the quarterly USAT publication — USA Triathlon Life.
* Inclusion in the USAT ranking system, after competing in three events.
* Eligibility to compete at USAT Short Course Triathlon and Duathlon National Championships.

USAT & Bozeman Triathlon Club Member Responsibilities
* Participate in Bozeman Triathlon Club activities.  Train, race and have fun with the Club.

USA Triathlon Pacific Northwest Club Championships
The Bozeman Triathlon Club is competing in the 2008 USAT PNW Club Championships.  The Championships is not a race this year, but a membership drive.  USAT PNW is offering cash prizes to USAT Clubs in its region.  Get a great deal on an annual membership with the Bozeman Triathlon Club & USA Triathlon, and support the Club in the USAT PNW Club Championships!

Eligibility for Membership Special
New members are welcome.  Existing members are eligible.  Membership packages are limited.  Preference granted to new USAT members & members currently training with the Club.

Membership Application & Enrollment
If you are interested in this special membership opportunity, please contact Bozeman Triathlon Club Coordinator Sherri Pearson at or Art Thompson at  Club info is available at

USAT & Bozeman Triathlon Club — Membership Special Sponsors
Many thanks to Bangtail Bikes and Fleet Feet for sponsoring the Club and providing capital for this promotion.  Support our sponsors and mention you’re a proud member of the Tritons!

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