Portion Sizes

Many people are unaware of correct portion sizes for foods.  Nutrition fact labels generally list a “serving size” which is the amount of nutrients available in a specific amount of the food.  But a portion size is the healthful recommended intake of a food item at a meal or snack.  The following are correct protion sizes for some foods: A 3 oz portion of meat (typical serving sizes are 6-12 oz) is the the size and width of a deck of cards, a medium apple or peach is the size of a tennis ball, 1 cup of vegetables is about the size of your fist, 1 oz portion of cheese is equivalent is size to 4 dice stacked and 1 tsp of butter is about the size of the tip of your thumb to you first knuckle.  Portion sizes are really quite a bit smaller than people are aware of. 

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