Triton Nordic Skiing @ HSL — This Sunday, 2/1! Make Ur Rez Today!


2 Skate Ski Clinics Remain – This Sunday, 2/1 & 3/1. Attend 1 or Both Days! Here’s all you need to do.

*** Check out the following fun-filled photos and clinic program, and get totally amped!

*** Contact Mandy @ 406-585-8052 or to pay for your reservation. Credit cards welcome.

*** Contact Sherri @ for any necessary coordination issues, like ride sharing.

*** Obtain detailed information at


WOW, Really Happy 2009 Triton Winter Campers — Todd Vralsted, Greg Benjamin, Furry Fulton, Jon Wirth, Art Thompson, Rob Knapp, David Gaillard, Sherri Pearson, Maggie Vralsted, Liza Campbell, Aubrey Curtis, Bridget Benjamin


NO DRAFTING ALLOWED!  Fine, first offense, slap us with a 2:00 penalty.  Who cares?  The Tritons look SUPER, on a spectacular day!  David, Jon, Furry, Rob, Greg, Aubrey, Sherri, Liza, Art, Todd, and Maggie, in order, en route to El Conquistador.  Uh oh, ruminating, not certain, but is the ENTIRE team skiing or reaching for cookie jars?  Whoa.  Skiiers, in the rear, must have a bigger sweet tooth, they have bigger cookie jars!

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