The Latest, Plus CP 30 Tests Next Week!

Never Just Go Through the Motions!
WINTER TRIATHLON. Enter the POWDER HOUND this Sunday, 2/22. Race day registration available at HSL.
CYCLING. Sign up for a CP 30 test ride next Tuesday (2/24) or Thursday (2/26) at Crossfit 4800.
UNIFORMS. Order by next Tuesday, 2/24. We already have 12 orders. Deadline is firm. Likely, our only order this year.
DRYLAND. Training resumes 8:00 AM, Saturday, 2/28 at Gold’s Gym.
NORDIC SKIING. Sign up for the Triton clinic at Homestake Lodge on 3/1.
SPECIAL OLYMPICS. Volunteer to support the triathlon event at MSU on 5/15.

Get Started — Establish Your Training Zones with Critical Power 30 Tests Next Tuesday & Thursday

Day Arrival/Set-Up Training Session Venue Workout Type
Tuesdays 5:15 PM 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM Crossfit 4800 MultiRider Intensity
Thursdays 6:00 PM 6:15 PM – 7:15 PM Crossfit 4800 MultiRider Intensity
Saturdays 9:45 AM 10:00 AM — Noon Crossfit 4800 MultiRider Long Ride

A MultiRider Note from Triton Coach Aubrey

Rest up for next week, because we will be doing our Critical Power 30 Test on the Computrainers at CrossFit 4800 for the Tuesday and Thursday rides. We understand that some individuals have been signing up for both Tuesday and Thursday…which has been fine due to the openings on Thursday nights. However, in an effort to allow the maximum number of riders the opportunity to test their fitness next week, please only sign up for one day. The Critical Power 30 (or CP30) Test is the highest average power one can sustain for 30 minutes. This can be accomplished outside, but since we are lucky enough to have the Computrainers, we will be testing indoors in a controlled environment on a flat 10 mile course (should take most anywhere from 25-30 minutes). We will continue to perform these tests every 6 weeks or so to see if our athletes are gaining fitness, or maybe…need some more rest. You can also calculate or re-calculate your training zones (power and heart rate) from these tests. Note: for an accurate assessment, please show up rested and hydrated. This should tax your legs a little.

Hope to see most of you next week. If you are unable to attend the group testing, please let me know and I can further explain the details for you to test on your own (with our own Triton Computrainer at CrossFit 4800). Below is next week’s riding schedule:

Tuesday, Feb 24: CP30 Test on Computrainers at CrossFit 4800
Thursday, Feb 26: CP30 Test on Computrainers at CrossFit 4800
Saturday, Feb 28: Long ride (2+ hours) on Computrainers at CrossFit 4800 – Boise 70.3 Course
Note: For Saturday, if you would like to ride for 2.5 – 3 hours, please show up at 9 am vice 10 am.

Don’t forget to sign up at!!

Thanks, Aubrey Jon Curtis, USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach

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