Triton Training Calendar, Running Starts Thursday!

Time to Rock! Running Starts Next Thursday, April 2nd
Start Training for Summer Races Now! See attached 4 Month-long Club Training Program.
Special thanks to Triton Head Coach & Hawaii Ironman World Championships finisher Laurie Thatcher AND Triton USAT Coaches Matthew Parks & Aubrey Curtis for the development of the attached 2009 Triton training program. Awesome. Importantly, the Club appreciates them volunteering their time and experience to coach the Club! The 2009 Triton training calendar is filled with a wide variety of intensity workouts, served up in a highly motivating group setting, to maximize your performance. That’s the program focus – providing those intense workouts that you hate doing on your own, while reaping the training benefits of other friendly club members urging you on. Check out the calendar, print it out, and plug into the Club workouts, all of them, or tailored to your specific training plan. Spring training is here.

Summer races are just around the corner. Time to rock.  See you next Thursday!

2009 Triton Training Calendar

Triton MultiRider/CompuTrainer Program Update!

Never Just Go Through the Motions!
OLYMPIC CAMP. Sign up now, before capacity is met, and block room availability at Chico expires! See 2/28 email.
MULTIRIDER INDOOR CYCLING. Full last two weeks! See courtesy reminder, reservation guidelines, highlighted below.
OUTDOOR RUNNING. Begins April 2nd. Every Thursday. Meet 5:30 PM, Bogert Park.
OUTDOOR CYCLING. Begins May 5th. Every Tuesday. Meet 5:30 PM, Bogert Park.
UNIFORMS. 18 member order. Anticipated delivery date approximately 4/28.
GRIZZLY TRIATHLON. 17 Tritons racing in Missoula on 4/11.
PEAKS TO PRAIRE. Downhill duathlon. 4/26. Red Lodge. Sounds like fun!
DRYLAND. Cancelled 3/14. Do the Run to the Pub instead! Training resumes 8:00 AM, Saturday, 3/21 at Gold’s Gym.
SPECIAL OLYMPICS. Volunteer to support the triathlon event at MSU on 5/15. 14 Tritons already on board.

Crossfit 4800, 507 Bond Street, Bozeman

Day Arrival/Set-Up Training Session Venue Workout Type
Tuesdays 5:15 PM 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM Crossfit 4800 MultiRider Intensity
Thursdays 6:00 PM 6:15 PM – 7:15 PM Crossfit 4800 MultiRider Intensity
Saturdays 9:45 AM 10:00 AM — Noon Crossfit 4800 MultiRider Long Ride

Over the last two weeks, seats have been basically fully booked. Member response to the experience continues to be overwhelmingly positive. Coach Aubrey, along with Coach Matt, are working wonders improving our cycling and training on the MultiRider system. Please remember the Crossfit 4800 8-seat MultiRider platform, the Triton CompuTrainer, and the schedulicity website are NEW training tools for Crossfit and the Bozeman Triathlon Club. It’s still a work-in-progress. Meanwhile, refining the implementation of these wonderful tools and improving your training are the name of the game.

As a reminder, with respect to reservations, members MUST reserve a “seat” for a specific MultiRider session at Seat reservations are available approximately two weeks in advance. Once you have made a reservation, you should immediately receive a reservation confirmation by email. If not, likely your reservation is not confirmed, and not complete. Log in and check “my upcoming reservations” to verify, and repeat your reservation request, if necessary.

We have over 50 members now and seats are very limited. Tuesday & Thursday workouts of each week will be the same. As a courtesy to other members, please select only one, and please honor your reservation. If you cannot make it, please cancel your reservation as soon as reasonably possible, making it available to another member. Coaches may need to cancel reservations, assess penalties, or initiate other draconian forms of punishment for members overlooking these
guidelines. :o)

After 6 Weeks of Training — Speed Up 8%, Heart Rate Down 9%
Improved Pedal Stroke Efficiency = Increased Speed!
Okay, in an effort to learn more about our exciting new training tool, I shared my before-and-after MultiRider 10-mile, CP-30 time trial data with Triton sponsor & CompuTrainer/MultiRider owner Chuck Wurster. I figured, why not get his take on the numbers? If you recall, Coach Aubrey set the first time trial at the very start of our program, 1/13. After working out on the MultiRider platform a couple of times per week for the next six weeks, we repeated the time trial on 2/24. I cut my riding time by over two minutes, or 7.3%, which is a huge, satisfying improvement over a short period of time. Interestingly, my power and cadence numbers were down slightly, but my speed was up. So, I asked Chuck, what’s up with that? Here’s the data.

CP 30 Data 1/13/2009 2/24/2009
Final Time, Minutes 30:33.9 28:19.2
Average MPH 19.6 21.2
Average Watts 230 220
Average Heart Rate 144 131
Average RPM 96 89
Pulse Power 362 380

Chuck’s Response:
Hi Art: Many thanks for the feedback. Your data shows something really interesting. Your average watts and heart rate went down, but your average speed increased. This is what happens when your cycling efficiency (as reflected in your SpinScan number) increases. No doubt you were trying to improve your stroke, with the result that you went faster with less energy expended. This will also mean you will have more energy left for the run. You just demonstrated the classic result of training on CompuTrainer. Would love to talk to you about this some more and will call you one day soon. The MultiRider Real Course Video software is almost ready for beta testing. Would the Tritons like to test it to uncover any bugs? If so, which course would you want? Cheers, Chuck

Chuck’s Follow-up:
If you’re still reading this thread, :o) Chuck called later on Thursday. Regarding the CP-30 test results, he indicated that the data is unequivocal – my pedaling efficiency has increased, using less energy, while generating greater speed. He emphasized that this cycling improvement is OFTEN overlooked, and my data is a GREAT testimonial for the effect of improving efficiency. It’s not all watts and rpms! He closed by saying, he’ll send us the MultiRider Real Course Video beta of IronMan CDA. We’re a test site, and he’s most interested in how our members react to it, the experience. So, coming soon, a virtually real 8-person group ride around Coeur d’Alene. Should be more fun!

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