Indian Peaks XTERRA

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I had a little viagra in my seatpost during the bike portion of the race this weekend.  Had to stop 3 times to fix.  For those who need a little more.  Having viagra in your seatpost causes your saddle to angle upward.  You notice a little at first, then it is a full blown tilt.  Arms become outstretched, butt falling off saddle.  No generation of power.  I kept on passing people, then they would exclaim, ” what is wrong with your bike?”  It must have been very funny to look at.  I would stop because the pain in my lower back became too intense.  BTW, if anybody is looking for a used seatpost.

The race was very sweet.  It was a time trial start, based upon ability.  Although, it would have been better to start earlier.  There were too many people to pass on the singletrack.  The swim was gorgeous, singletrack was great (probably the most challenging course of the year for me), and the run had a little double- and single track along with some bushwack sections.  I also twisted my ankle on the run course, had to finish much slower than I wanted.

It was a bad day for my bike and body, but I finished with a smile on face.  A 9th place finish.  Decent.

Matthew Parks, USAT Level 1 Triathlon Coach, Bozeman Triton Coach, Nationally Certified in Therapeutic  Massage and Bodywork (NCTMB).  Please let me know if you have any questions or need some advice.  406. 580.7987 or

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