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September 28, 2009. On this week’s episode, TriCenter recaps the XTERRA USA Championship and the Ironman 70.3 Augusta, catches up with USA’s Ben Hoffman for a Big Island update, and visits last week’s Interbike trade show in Las Vegas.

Hyalite Canyon Ride


The Reservoir was sparkling at 10:00 AM.


John Stites, Ben Fisher, Art Thompson, and David Ellenberger at the Reservoir!

Just another splendiferous autumn day and ride in Bozeman yesterday!

Round numbers. 34-miles. 1,800′ climb-and-descent. 1:56.

Thanks to Triton Phil Howard for the pics!

Fat Confusion


Confused about all the different types of fat?  What is good and what is bad?

Good and limited fats can fight inflammation and help to prevent the onset of heart disease while also providing our body with essential vitamins and minerals needed for daily living.  Bad fats have little to no role in our health, and while they may not be prevented totally, they should only be consumed on a limited basis. 

Below is an easy to decipher low-down on the good, the bad and the ugly and what you should or shouldn’t eat.


Monounsaturated Fats: Best sources are olive oil and canola oil.  Olive oil should be used for cooking, while canola oil should be used in baking.

Polyunsaturated Fats: This includes the much heard about omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.  Most people get plenty of omega 6 through the commonly refined oils available in the grocery store such as corn and soybean oil. 

Omega-3 oils and products: Omega 3 rich foods are walnuts, flaxseed and flaxseed oil and fatty fish products including salmon, sturgeon and striped bass.  Try to increase your intake of these products to balance out the intake of omega-6 products.


Saturated Fat:  These are most commonly found in animal products, such as milk, cheese and ice cream.  The calcium and minerals available in these products are essential for optimal health, however, choose skim or low-fat/non-fat versions to limit the saturated fat intake.


Trans Fat: These are found in commercially prepared products, especially baked goods.  To avoid these, look at the ingredients list of commercially prepared products and if partially hydrogenated oils are listed, look for a comparable food item without this item. 

The most important thing to remember is not to deprive yourself of food items to avoid, just limit your intake and enjoy the ‘real’ thing on occasion.

This Week on TriCenter

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September 21, 2009 – TriCenter previews the XTERRA USA Championship in Ogden, Utah, chats with Australian Luke McKenzie from Kona, and sits down with two-time Ironman World Champion Normann Stadler. During an average training week, Stadler stated that he swims 12-to-15 miles, bikes 250-to-300 miles, and runs 50-to-60 miles.  Wow! He’s currently training with a running club in San Diego, in preparation for Kona.  Also, be sure to stay tuned at the end of the clip for a TriCenter Twitter channel giveaway. Train on!

2010 USAT National Championship, 2011 Beijing World Championship

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USA Triathlon held its triathlon “Superbowl”, the Age Group & Elite National Championship, at Tuscaloosa, Alabama, on August 22, 2009. The home to the University of Alabama hosted the event which brought out everyone’s best, both as competitive athletes and as a triathlon community. With a difficult swim that started against the floodwater current (ask Molly!), the course was a challenge befitting a national championship race.

Noteworthy, the USAT Age Group National Championship will return to Tuscaloosa in 2010. The date will be finalized and announced by the end of October as well as ALL of the USAT Regional Championships and Special Qualifiers. The top eighteen finishers in each group, rolling down to 25th place, at the 2010 National Championships will qualify to represent Team USA at the 2011 ITU World Championships, which will be held in Beijing on the same triathlon course as the 2008 Olympic games! Cool.

The 2011 Beijing World Triathlon Championships will be held in the Changping district of the city next to the historic Ming Tombs and Great Wall. The proposed course is a spectacle of new and old China. Athletes will swim in the Changping reservoir next to one of many ancient pagodas in the region (remember those photos from the 2008 Summer Games!); the bike course will take athletes through the surrounding hills and past the Ming Tombs; and finally, athletes will run through the local urban setting.

This year, a handful of Tritons qualified for the 2009 USA Triathlon National Championships in Tuscaloosa. Triton Molly Hayes was the Club’s sole representative. With ultra preliminary, 2010 race planning underway, Triton racers should consider setting their sights on Tuscaloosa next year, especially with the bonus incentive of qualifying for the Beijing World Triathlon Championships in 2011.

The question. The goal. The challenge. Who will represent the Bozeman Triathon Club and Team USA in Beijing in 2011?

Stay tuned for 2010 USAT Championship information!

This Week on TriCenter

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September 14, 2009 – TriCenter offers up a summary of the ITU World Championships, Ironman Muskoka Canada 70.3, Ironman Wisconsin, and catches up with Terenzo Bozzone and Luke Bell for a Big Island update.

Montana Molly @ World Championships


Triton Molly Hayes donning the Red, White and Blue of Team USA at the 2009 ITU Age Group Triathlon World Championships in Gold Coast, Australia.  Molly is participating in three World Championship events – aquathlon (pictured above), Olympic distance triathlon, and sprint triathlon.

Follow the triathlon races this weekend on and You can also watch the live television broadcast free of charge from each Dextro Energy Triathlon – ITU World Championship race on

Corbin Already on Kona, Preparing for Ironman

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TriCenter, September 7, 2009 – TriCenter interviews Montana’s Linsey Corbin in Kona, reviews the upcoming ITU World Championships on Australia’s Gold Coast, and talks with Denmark’s Torbjorn Sindballe about his retirement and the Ironman World Championships.

Viva Las Vegas!

rocknroll las vegas marathon

Hey Gang!  Just wanted to keep everyone up to speed on the happenings this winter.  For those who truly want to improve in this sport, there is NO “off” season per se.  How about we take a breather, enjoy our friends and families for awhile, then jump into some fall marathon training?  This was the first week of our Wednesday runs (meeting at various locations) in preparation for the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Marathon or Half Marathon on December 6th.  Taking a page out of Michelle’s training manual, you can always incorporate some races for the sheer enjoyment of getting out and exercising.  While some may not find marathons “fun”, I would tell them that it’s all what you make of it.

Po Dee YUM


All grins!  Triton Phil Howard at the Bear Lake Classic Triathlon, St. George, Utah

Half Iron Distance – 2nd Place, M50-54, 5:28:26 PR

A perfect race.  Congratulations Phil!

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