IMPORTANT East Gallatin Recreation Area Survey!

Hey Tritons! Please take two minutes to complete this quick, six question survey. Your response is IMPORTANT to our triathlon training and open water swimming future at the Pond! I have added a few survey suggestions for members to consider below. If you would like, please feel free to copy and paste the suggestions, AND please feel free to have family members and friends respond, too. Hopefully, we can get a major league, viral-like response. Thanks, and have a terrific holiday weekend, train on, Art

To respond to the survey, click here —
Additional information, or if the above link does not work, click here –

Question 4.
From the list of activities below, please select the one in which you would most likely participate.
Suggestion: Check OTHER, and add “Triathlon Training, Triathlons, Open Water Swimming, and Open Water Swimming Competitions”.

Question 5.
From the list below of possible “minor” improvements to the park, please rank them in order of importance to you.
Suggestion: Check OTHER, and add “Priority #1 – Permanent open water swim buoys for the pond, planned and placed in a manner to provide a wide variety of precisely measured, long distance triathlon swim and open water swim courses. Priority #2 – Lifeguards.”

Question 6.
From the list below of possible “major” improvements to the park, please rank them in order of importance to you.
Suggestion: Check OTHER, and add “Priority #1 — Two or more, LARGE floating docks, placed mid-pond, separated by a precisely measured, long open water swim distance of approximately 200 meters-plus (as long as possible, depending on what distance is reasonably available) and connected by lane rope(s) or floating cable(s). Swimmers can swim between the docks and get coached/gather/rest/sun/etc at the platforms.”

Triton Members Only – Special CrossFit 4800 Winter Programs!



CrossFit 4800 is a proud sponsor of the Bozeman Triathlon Club, and we are delighted to announce that we are offering the following winter training, CrossFit 4800 membership programs for Bozeman Triton members. Triton programs commence on Monday, January 4, 2010. Triton members will receive the following rates, a 20% discount off our new regular rates, which will be published and go into effect on January 1, 2010. As an additional option, Tritons wishing to start the CrossFit 4800 strength training program earlier, on Monday, November 30th, may do so following these program guidelines and pricing.

Capacity for these programs is limited. The MultiRider programs and the Strength Training Elements Course will initially be made available exclusively to Bozeman Triton members. CrossFit 4800 plans to offer only 16 MultiRider memberships. Unsold MultiRider memberships will be made available to the public, beginning January 1, 2010. CrossFit 4800 will continue the MultiRider programs in response to demand, and likely through the end of April 2010 when triathletes and cyclists begin to shift to outdoor training. All rates are based on automatic payment memberships. Month to month payments will not be accepted.

Additional information on CrossFit 4800 is available at If Triton members have any questions or would like to make program reservations, please contact CrossFit 4800 Owner Jeremy Henrichon by email at or by phone at 406-570-5417.

MULTIRIDER PROGRAM – $40 Month – Only 16 Memberships Available. First come, first serve. Program includes: (1) Triton Members Only, exclusive Triton coached rides at 6pm on Tue and Thu (2) Triton Members Only, exclusive Triton programmed, long group ride at 10am on Sat. (3) Programmed group rides at 6pm on Mon, Wed, and Fri. (4) Unlimited rides during open hours. For all rides, members shall schedule seats for each time slot in advance, via . Members shall schedule only one coached ride each week. More specifically, select the Tue or Thu ride during a given week, not both. Seats are available on a first come, first serve basis.

BOZEMAN TRIATHLON CLUB COMPUTRAINER PROGRAM – Free – As a sponsor of the Bozeman Tritons, CrossFit 4800 is pleased to continue to house, schedule, maintain, and offer this Triton-owned equipment for Triton member use, free-of-charge, primarily during open hours.

STRENGTH TRAINING PROGRAM – $85 Month, commencing upon completion of below Elements Course – CrossFit Strength training classes. Check them out at All new members and returning members will be required to attend the following intro level, one-month long “Elements” course.

STRENGTH TRAINING ELEMENTS COURSE PROGRAM – $95 One-time Charge – Triton course begins Monday, January 4th. Required for all new and returning members. This course serves as an introduction to the barbell movements such as squats, dead lifts, presses, and cleans, along with accessory plyometric, kettle bell, and mobility drills. The Elements course is imperative to safe and successful training for you, the trainers, and the other athletes. This will also include an intro to our training philosophy and nutrition plans. Classes run Mon, Wed, and Fri evenings at 6pm. Each athlete is required to be present for 8 out of these 9 sessions or they must repeat the entire course the following month. Elements course exclusive to Triton members will begin on Monday, Jan 4th.

MULTIRIDER & STRENGTH TRAINING COMBINATION PROGRAM – $115 Month – Rate for Strength Training and MultiRider Cycling.

SPRING HYBRID CYCLING/TRIATHLON TRAINING PROGRAM – $195 Total – An 8-week strength for endurance program starting the beginning of March. This class will incorporate functional strength training concepts along with cycling specific workouts in a hybrid format, and will be designed and periodized for the needs of competitive endurance athletes who are about to enter their season. CrossFit “Elements” and at least one month of CrossFit strength training will be a prerequisite for these advanced classes.

Dave’s Thoughts

Hello Tri-club members! It was great coming up to Bozeman and chatting with you all. You’ve got a great energetic and hearty group of athletes. Hopefully in the future on one of my visits to see my two sons we can reconnect. One winter training tip that I’d like to share is to start up or continue your strength training. Make sure you include full body exercises that incorporate the glutes, hips, low abs and low back, quads and arms in one exercise. For example, an old fashion burpee with a push up and a vertical jump added into the exercise is a good one use.  A second exercise is to take a set of light dumbbells  and to perform a squat lowering the weights to the floor simutaneously jumping and curling the weights to your shoulder immediately followed by a half squat and completing the exercise with a split leg overhead jump press. Happy winter training! – Dave

DeSoto Wetsuits on Sale at Fleet Feet!

Hey all!  Tony Brendgard wanted me to let you all know that he is clearing out his inventory of DeSoto wetsuits for an outstanding price.  The Black Pearl bibjohn and pullover (bottom and top) for only $225 – normal retail $330.  That’s more than $100 off retail!  We’ve got to make room for new stock coming in, so if you are in the market for a “full” triathlon wetsuit for next season (who in Montana races without a wetsuit??), then come on down to Fleet Feet soon… before they are all gone.  Note:  Sale does not apply to special orders…just what we currently have in stock.  See below for sizes on hand.


Bibjohn:    2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 5, 5, 6, 6, 6

Pullover:  2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 5, 5, 6, 6

For DeSoto’s sizing chart, go to


Coach Aubrey

Trading Up, To the MultiSport Lifestyle

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Trading Up is an excellent educational program for start-up triathletes AND triathletes seeking advanced technique tips and training advice.

Trading Up follows club runner Aleksandra as she trains to become a triathlete. In this first episode, Aleksandra meets her coaches who will guide her through the process & undergoes a swim analysis.

The series is produced by UK-based Outdoors TV and is available online at or

Watch the entire series and get ready to race in 2010!

Tritons Take Second in 2009 USAT Regional Club Championships!

Congratulations Tritons!
Sharing the Podium with Big City, Gold Medalist Portland is Mighty Fine
Helena-based Team Great Divide Takes the Bronze

The Club just received the following email from Colleen Sullivan, Club Championship Director, USA Triathlon Pacific Northwest Region.


Congratulation to the below teams!

Thanks goes out to all Regional Clubs participating in this year’s Club Championship Race Series.

First Place is awarded to the Portland Ironheads Triathlon Club, with a grand total of 591.79 points.

Second place award goes to the Bozeman Tritons (Montana) with a points total of 491.79 points.

And, rounding out our podium, third place goes to Team Great Divide (Helena, MT) with 217.69 points.

Each team will be awarded a check in the amount of $750, $500, and $250 respectively for the above places and can use these funds to further promote their club activities and members.

For official rules of this year’s Club Championship please link to the USAT web page: .

Please stay posted as the PNW Regional Council moves forwards with the 2010 Club Championship series.

We are currently seeking USAT Sanctioned races in each of our regional states and are looking for our members favorite races to be included.

Feel free to forward suggestions or comments on this year’s program to: .

Thank you for participating … checks will be mailed shortly!

If all team presidents/contacts could please send me updated mailing addresses– that would be great.


Dave Scott Mixer Follow Up!

DaveScottHawaii 07 020 (2)

Hey Triton teammates, sponsors, and friends! Thanks so much for attending and supporting the Club’s Mixer with Dave Scott last Friday.

Based on the feedback, I’d say everybody had a wonderful time, and thoroughly enjoyed Dave, his storytelling, and the inspiration. Dave enjoyed the event and meeting you, too. He thought the event went well, and it was neat for his children (Ryan, Drew and Kara) to see him speak, as they have not been to many of his talks.

I hope the Club has the interest and opportunity to have Dave visit with us again someday. Remember to shed those fears, define your own personal standards for success, DO WHAT YOU CAN AT THE MOMENT, and have fun out there.

Finally, special thanks to Triton teammate Joe Cobb for producing and sharing the attached “Dave Scott Bozeman Triton Talk” notes. Most Excellent. The Bozeman Triathlon Club appreciates your support.

Dave Scott Bozeman Triton Talk

2010 Powder Hound Winter Triathlon

Powder Hound Logo

5K Run, 10K Mountain Bike, 5K Nordic Ski
10:00 AM Sunday, January 31, 2010 ● Homestake Lodge, Butte, Montana, USA

Homestake Lodge and the Bozeman Triathlon Club are partnering to deliver the POWDER HOUND — the first winter triathlon in the State of Montana and the northern Rockies.

Bark, growl, unleash your inner snow dog, and have a howlin’ good time, while running, mountain biking, and Nordic skiing on the groomed ski trails of Homestake Lodge, high atop the Continental Divide. Get out of your comfort zone, stretch your boundaries, and have another kind of racing fun!

The Powder Hound offers athletes – including triathletes, Nordic and downhill skiers, mountain bikers, cyclocross riders, cyclists, runners, swimmers, off-road enthusiasts, and many others — a terrific opportunity to expand their multisport skills, vary mid-winter training, improve fitness, and compete.

Rudy Project, Triton team sponsor and world renowned Italian manufacturer of sunglasses and helmets ( , will be providing two $500 MSRP shopping spree packages for the first male and first female winner. The winners could score shades worn by Tour de France King of the Mountain Franco Pellizzotti and the world’s fastest new time trial helmet for their victories.

Registration for the Powder Hound Winter Triathlon is available on Participants may race as individuals, in pairs, or in teams of three. Registration includes the race, lunch, and a full day of Nordic skiing at Homestake Lodge, Montana’s best new Nordic skiing venue.

Race support volunteers are welcome. Various positions in the DOG POUND – at registration, in transition, timing or out-on the course — are available. Cheer the racers on! Volunteers enjoy a lunch and a full day of skiing at Homestake Lodge, too.

Come on out to Homestake Lodge, race or volunteer, and enjoy the entire day. Growling, howling and other basic powder hound communication skills are mandatory. Non-propulsive, snow canine accoutrements are welcome.

Come on! Discover the fun and competition of a winter triathlon. Be a POWDERHOUND.

For additional information, check out , blog, or contact Mandy at

Many “Thanks” to Bozeman Tritons

Aubrey's Helmet

Wow…the power of the internet!  Only minutes after a short phone message to Art on the reason for my DNF at the Longhorn 70.3 (I knew he would be quick to check the results after the race), I received so many well wishes from local athletes and friends.  On top of that, I see my good friend from Arizona posted my infamous hospital picture on Facebook, which led to many other messages and comments on my page.  News sure does spread fast.  Well, I just want to say “thanks” to all those who have sent me emails, left phone messages, and approached me in person to send their regards and wish me a speedy recovery.  All your positive vibes must be working…cause I seem to feel better everyday.  I’m even thinking of getting back on the trainer next week (of course, not putting too much pressure on my right arm).

I can attest that for my situation, I was lucky for a few reasons.  First, if it wasn’t for my helmet, I would likely still be in the hospital in critical condition.  Second, the compound fracture on my right collar-bone allowed the medical professionals to perform surgery and plate the two bones together which allows for a quicker recovery (similar to Lance Armstrong’s surgery before his return to the Tour De France this year – funny how I was in Austin, Texas for this whole ordeal).  Third, I did not obtain any serious injuries to my lower body, other than road rash.  All in all, I must say I made out okay.  Plus, any crash you can walk away from…is a good crash.

Thanks again, Tritons!  Enjoy the “off” season, and I look forward to getting on XC skis with some of you soon.



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