2010 Special Olympics State Summer Games – Unified Sports Triathlon Program

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The Uniquely Special, Special Olympics Summer Games Event
7:30 to Noon ● Wednesday, May 12 ● Montana State University

Hi Triton Special Olympics Ambassadors!

Click on the link below for a copy of the detailed, preliminary program for the Special Olympics Unified Sports Triathlon. We ask that all Triton Ambassadors report to the MSU Fitness Center at 7:30 AM on Wednesday morning, May 12th. Be ready to go, to help register and support your designated Unified Sports Triathlon team. Please bring your photo ID. We should have a table adjacent to the Sports and Recreation office counter, located immediately north of the MSU Pool next to the treadmills. As additional background, the Unified Sports Triathlon is a team event, and conducted as a “broken” triathlon. Each team has a member participating in one leg of the triathlon, and there are no transitions or handoffs. We will conduct the swim event, allow the swimmers to change their clothes and teams re-group, then walk over to the MSU track for the separate bike and run events. We are estimating event start times as follows — swim start time of 8:30 AM, bike start of 9:30 AM, and run start of 10:15 AM. We will add all three leg times to obtain a final official team score. After the race, please plan to escort your team over to Shroyer Gym for their awards and lunch.

2010 Special Olympics Triathlon Preliminary Program

The triathlon is the only Special Olympics Unified Sports event at the 2010 Summer Games. Additionally, we believe the event was founded right here in Montana, and we’re currently trying to track down the event’s history. Team sports are about having fun, promoting physical health and bringing people together. Special Olympics Unified Sports teams do all of that – and shatter stereotypes about intellectual disability in the process. In communities around the world, Special Olympics athletes and their teammates without intellectual disabilities, their Unified Partners, practice and play together on Unified Sports teams. Unified Sports is a moving and exciting Special Olympics initiative for higher ability athletes of all ages. Mixed teams provide the public direct opportunities to experience first-hand the capabilities and courage of Special Olympics athletes. By having fun together, Unified Sports athletes and their unified partners improve their physical fitness, sharpen their skills, challenge the competition and help to overcome prejudices about intellectual disability.

SPECIAL OLYMPICS VOLUNTEER TRAINING MEETING – Thursday, May 6, 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM, MSU Student Union Building, Ballroom D
You are welcome and invited to the Special Olympics “Day of Event” Volunteer Training Meeting on Thursday, May 6, from 6:30 PM -9:00 PM in the Student Union Building, Ballroom D. Special Olympics is gathering together all volunteers for a general briefing, and to answer questions. Volunteer T-shirts (to be worn on the day of the event) will be distributed, along with the triathlon event “venue in a box,” complete with clipboards, stopwatches, etc. If you cannot make it, don’t sweat. I’m sure you have previously been involved in other races and events in some manner, likely as participants or race directors. Think on your feet, and you’ll do great on race day. If you cannot make it, please get your T-shirt size to Sherri, sw1078@hotmail.com.


Triton Unis, Cycling, Running & Special Olympics

Triton Uniforms, Indoor Cycling, Outdoor Cycling, Running & Special Olympics

Triton Uniform Order – Last call. Now really teammates, how can you race this summer, and not don the uber cool Triton outfit? Get connected, have more fun, show your team spirit. Rumor has it you’ll race faster, too. Right now, without your support, the minimum order size is in jeopardy.

Triton Indoor Cycling – Go ahead, flip off old man winter (sorry!), I did, and continue MultiRiding. Thanks to sponsor CrossFit 4800, Tritons can now ride indoors during inclement weather. Open to all Tritons. $5 per session drop-in. $20 per month.

Triton Outdoor Cycling – Starts next Thursday, May 6th. Meet at Bogert Park @ 5:45 PM. Every Thursday, thru 6/24. In the event of inclement weather, the session will shift to CrossFit 4800. Sorry, 9 riders max at CrossFit, drop-in fee required. Check the Club Twitter channel on the afternoon of the ride for possible outdoor cycling venue and scheduling changes.

Triton Outdoor Running – The Club is supporting and training with the ZPT Interval Training Group. 8 Tritons running at the last session. 20+ runners total. Every Tuesday, 6:00 PM, MSU Track. Rain or shine.

Special Olympics – The Club is solid on the volunteer front. Thank you. Preliminary triathlon program will be published any day now. Any Triton still interested in volunteering, please let me know. The more, the merrier.

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Email — bozemantritons@yahoo.com.


Countdown – 16 Days to Special Olympics Triathlon!

Bozeman Triathlon Club Will Host 2010 State Summer Games Triathlon Competition
Schedule & Venue ● 7:30 to Noon ● Wednesday, May 12 ● Montana State University

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The Excitement is Building! Give It Up for Bango!

Here’s a quick volunteer update, as the event is rapidly approaching and there has been a recent flurry of activity and questions. The Club received the all-important athlete heat sheets on Friday. We are now able to really start our efforts, and are currently coordinating with Special Olympics, reviewing the heat sheets, preparing a draft program, etc. Tomorrow, Triton Sherri Pearson will represent the Club at a Special Olympics committee meeting and obtain even more information for the Unified Sports Triathlon event. Hopefully, we will pull together all of this data and distribute a draft event program to all volunteers by the early part of next week.

The event format and approach will be similar to our successful race last year. Triton Ambassador volunteers will team-up with another Triton Ambassador AND one of the seven Special Olympics triathlon teams. Regarding responsibilities, the Club will adhere to official Triton “chief cook and bottle washer” policy. For four hours on Wednesday morning, the Triton Ambassador team assigned to each Special Olympics triathlon team will serve as its registrar, host, concierge, liaison, coordinator, escort, lap counter, timer, scorer, comic, cheerleader, awards assistant, etcetera, basically doing whatever it takes for that team to have a really successful, positive, and fun experience. Triton Ambassadors  should view themselves as an integral member of their respective triathlon team! We want to have some fun during the competition, too, so yes, in response to one Ambassador’s question last year, if you want, you can bring your pom-poms, jock jam accessories, or dress up and perform like Bango in the video, etc.

To confirm, below is the list of Triton volunteers for the 2010 Special Olympics Unified Sports Triathlon event. Unless notified otherwise, this week, we will assign your name, alongside another Triton Ambassador, to a Special Olympics triathlon team. Thanks for giving your time, your energy, and your enthusiasm to Special Olympics. We are 16 days away from the largest sporting event in Montana for 2010. It will be fun. It will be rewarding. The excitement is building!

Laurie Thatcher
Sherri Pearson
Art Thompson

Tony Thatcher
Furry Fulton
Jon Wirth
Becky Hochstein
Chris Martin
Megan Miller
Mary Robbins
Matthew Parks
John Stites
Minde Erickson
Martin Coleman
Teri Kassens
Ben Fisher
Suzie Peters
Brenda Hegel
Alanna Sherstad
Kara Damon

Be Incredible! Triton Tri Unis! Order Deadline – Thursday, 4/29

Customized, Top-of-the-Line Sugoi Tri Tanks & Tri Shorts!
Sugoi just confirmed that the Tritons will receive the same opportunity as last year – same unis, at the same price. Tops $50, shorts $50. That’s more that 40% off MSRP. We need 12 full orders (12 tops, 12 shorts) and payments to proceed. Lead times are currently at 6-7 weeks. If interested, please provide a check payable to the Bozeman Triathlon Club. Please indicate on the check whether you are buying a men’s or women’s model and the size. You can drop off the check at the ride tomorrow or Tuesday @ the Track. Order deadline is next Thursday, April 29th.

2009 Sugoi RS Tri Tank, Triton Customization, Commercial/Grafitti-Free, Shown Above — Only $50
Compare! MSRP, Standard, Uncustomized — $80
Womens Size – XS, S, M, L. Mens Size – S, M, L, XL.

2009 Sugoi RS Tri Short, Triton Customization, Commercial/Grafitti-Free, Shown Above – Only $50
Compare! MSRP, Standard, Uncustomized — $75.
Womens Size – XS, S, M, L. Mens Size – S, M, L, XL.

Triton Saturday Cycliing, 4/24 – Hyalite Canyon, Plus – Meet Bogert Park, 9:45 AM

Saturday, 4/24
Group Endurance Ride
Heart Rate Zone 2 – No Hammering!
Fifteen Triton Riders Last Saturday!
Meet @ Bogert Park
Arrival/Set-up – 9:45 AM
Ride Starts — 10:00 AM
All Abilities Welcome! 
Do What You Can. At Your Pace.
Turnaround, Head Back to the Barn At Anytime.
For Possible Last Minute Ride Revisions
Follow the Triton Twitter Channel
Base Ride – For All Tritons!
Hyalite Road is closed to motorized traffic thru 5/15! :o)
Distance – 39 Miles
Time Estimate – ~2 ½ Hours
Out & Back Course, 2000’ Climb & Descent
Mile 29 – If you wish to continue on to the Optional Second Leg, the Gooch Hill Loop, turn left on Cottonwood Road at the bottom of the canyon.
Add Optional Second Leg – Plus 12 Miles
Distance – 51 Miles
Time Estimate — ~3 ½ Hours
Additional 750’ Gooch Hill Rollers
Mile 46 – If you wish to continue on to the Optional Third Leg, the Tour de Dups, turn left on Cottonwood Road from Stucky Road. Continue 2 miles to Durston. Turn left on Durston. 48 miles down, 55 miles to go on Tour de Dups. Starting Tour de Dup at mile marker 4, on map below.
Add Optional Third Leg – Plus 52 Miles
Distance — 103 Miles
Additional Rolling Hills, 800’ Elevation Change
Time Estimate – 6 Hours
Partner Up With Riders of Similar Abilities
Cut The Route Short At Anytime
Partly Sunny, 46-63⁰
Winds from WSW & WNW to W, 4-12 mph
0% Chance of Precipitation
Likely Chilly in the Canyon
Bring Layers, Water, Fuel, Snacks, Patch Kit, Etc
Leave Your Pets, iPods, & Ear Buds at Home
If your waiver is still outstanding, please bring one.
Thank you!
Be Safe & Have Fun Out There!

Pick Up the Pace! It’s Tuesday @ the Track!

The ZPT Interval Training Group had its first SUNNY track workout of the season last night.  We had a solid showing, with twenty-odd, hard working athletes participating, ignoring the winds. Tritons Lauren Marvel and Jon Wirth worked in with the group, while I had the opportunity to serve as this week’s Workout Ambassador (volunteer leader). Coach Laurie Thatcher kicked in, too, and offered up a mega-dose of support and coaching advice. As a reminder, these training sessions offer runners the opportunity to get out of their comfort zone, to improve their running,  and to focus on technique, intensity, and increasing pace. To give you a feel for the training session, see the workout below. Check out these workouts, and get faster! Pick up the pace, every Tuesday, 6:00 PM, MSU Track. It’s Tuesday @ the Track!

While developing the following pace chart for this run-at-1-mile pace workout, I realized that many participants might not know their 1-mile run pace, or a reasonably accurate pace target for the workout, to make the training session effective for them. Tritons might know their pace per mile for a 5K or 10K or a half marathon, but not their pace goal for a faster 1-mile race, or the other distances. To address these varying paces per distance (faster for shorter distances, slower for longer), I have recently been following Matt Fitzgerald’s Target Pace Training, and thought other Tritons might benefit by the information.

Many teammates are already familiar with Matt Fitzgerald, having followed his training plans in the “Essential Week-by-Week Training Guide.” In his “Brain Training for Runners,” Matt lays out Target Pace Levels for various run distances on Tables 4.1 and 4.2. Building from one of your actual, recent race times, say for the Pub 317 Half Marathon, you can establish your overall Training Pace Level (TPL) score in Table 4.1. In Table 4.2, your TPL score then sets your target paces for a recovery run, base run, marathon, half marathon, 10K, 5K, 3K, and 1-mile. The target training paces are adjusted for you, for each run distance – faster for the 1-mile, slower for the marathon.

So, if you want to tune your training and race pacing, I recommend checking out “Brain Training for Runners.” And, in the future, when a coach says, do this run workout  at a 10K pace, presto, you’ll know exactly what pace to do!

Backwards Running – 4X
Butt Kicks – 4X
High Knees – 4X
Skip – 4X
Tempo Strides – 4X

This is a nice workout to get your legs rolling, without being too anaerobic. Try to use a strong, efficient stride and avoid straining.
4-6 Times Thru the Following Sequence:
300 Run /100 Walk-Jog
100 Run / 300 Walk-Jog
That’s 8-12 Times Around the Track.
Runs @ Mile Pace. That’s the time you can run a mile, if it were a 1-mile long race!


1-Mile 300 M 100 M   1-Mile 300 M 100 M
4:30 0:50 0:16   7:20 1:22 0:27
4:40 0:52 0:17   7:30 1:24 0:28
4:50 0:54 0:18   7:40 1:26 0:28
5:00 0:56 0:18   7:50 1:28 0:29
5:10 0:58 0:19   8:00 1:30 0:30
5:20 1:00 0:20   8:10 1:31 0:30
5:30 1:01 0:20   8:20 1:33 0:31
5:40 1:03 0:21   8:30 1:35 0:31
5:50 1:05 0:21   8:40 1:37 0:32
6:00 1:07 0:22   8:50 1:39 0:33
6:10 1:09 0:23   9:00 1:41 0:33
6:20 1:11 0:23   9:10 1:43 0:34
6:30 1:13 0:24   9:20 1:45 0:35
6:40 1:15 0:25   9:30 1:46 0:35
6:50 1:16 0:25   9:40 1:48 0:36
7:00 1:18 0:26   9:50 1:50 0:36
7:10 1:20 0:26   10:00 1:52


ITU Training Tips

Here are is a link to a terrific series of Training Tip film clips, courtesy the International Triathlon Union. Get ready for the season. Check out the Triathlon Essentials series, all eighteen volumes, from swim start to the finish. Great for beginners, and a great refresher for all seasoned triathletes. Get to know the ITU platform, and enjoy the clips! Train on. http://www.triathlon.org/multimedia/category/training_tips/57/

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