Triton Unis, Cycling, Running & Special Olympics

Triton Uniforms, Indoor Cycling, Outdoor Cycling, Running & Special Olympics

Triton Uniform Order – Last call. Now really teammates, how can you race this summer, and not don the uber cool Triton outfit? Get connected, have more fun, show your team spirit. Rumor has it you’ll race faster, too. Right now, without your support, the minimum order size is in jeopardy.

Triton Indoor Cycling – Go ahead, flip off old man winter (sorry!), I did, and continue MultiRiding. Thanks to sponsor CrossFit 4800, Tritons can now ride indoors during inclement weather. Open to all Tritons. $5 per session drop-in. $20 per month.

Triton Outdoor Cycling – Starts next Thursday, May 6th. Meet at Bogert Park @ 5:45 PM. Every Thursday, thru 6/24. In the event of inclement weather, the session will shift to CrossFit 4800. Sorry, 9 riders max at CrossFit, drop-in fee required. Check the Club Twitter channel on the afternoon of the ride for possible outdoor cycling venue and scheduling changes.

Triton Outdoor Running – The Club is supporting and training with the ZPT Interval Training Group. 8 Tritons running at the last session. 20+ runners total. Every Tuesday, 6:00 PM, MSU Track. Rain or shine.

Special Olympics – The Club is solid on the volunteer front. Thank you. Preliminary triathlon program will be published any day now. Any Triton still interested in volunteering, please let me know. The more, the merrier.

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