Wetsuit for Sale

Hey, guys.  Hope everyone’s training is going well despite the wintry weather we’ve been having these past couple of weeks.  I know it seems hard to fathom that we’ll be swimming outside in a month at the East Gallatin pond, but it’s less than a month away.  If you or anyone you know is looking to buy a wetsuit to train for open water swimming, I’ve got a Blue Seventy wetsuit for sale that is about 2-3 years old (Men’s Large).  I purchased it at Threshold Sports across from the Swim Center before they closed.  I used it to train and race in CDA IM ’08 and it’s been hanging in my closet ever since.  I’ve trained in it a dozen times or so, and swam in it in 3 races.   I’d say it has less than 20 uses.  I paid $225 for it new and I’ll sell it for $100.  It’s in excellent condition.   It seems silly to have it sit in my closet if someone could use it.  Best of luck with your training and hope to see you soon.

Best regards,

Doug Fletcher

406.581.5079 cell phone

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