Toward the End of the Season

The “off-season” is upon us. Maybe. I think in Montana, as well as other states, that we just shift our activities according to the season. There are always the later-season triathlon races out of state but you can look toward some running races and mountain bike & cyclocross races coming up. Check out the calendars online ( &

Recently did some continuing education about recovery and injury prevention: here are some of the notes. Some of these theories have not changed over the years.

Resting HR measurements are still very valid – keep track of these daily or weekly (taken at the same time) increasing numbers are usually not better

Contrast therapy (i.e. hot and cold water) works very well to aid in the flow of the blood – used after workouts after you are cooled down

Optimal sleep appears to be the number one recovery tool: it seems (good nutrition a close second) – make sure you sleep about 7 – 9 hours per night – spend additional time performing recovery techniques each day – 1 minute per mile of training per day (45 miles per week = 45 minutes daily of recovery work)

Compression wear – could be a placebo effect – but who cares! as long as it works – make sure you have the correct size

Whether or not you call it injury prevention or injury reduction, you should treat yourself as best you can.

Some aspects of injury prevention include: nutrition, hydration, and quality of sleep. In other words, don’t perform a workout unless you are fully recovered (both physically and mentally). This may mean you need to tweak your training plan accordingly.

Enjoy your training. Best of luck to the Garden City racers this weekend.

BTW, if Doug Fletcher is out there, I want to find out about Leadville 🙂 

[Admin Tag. Tritons can enjoy reading all about their teammate’s Leadville Trail 100 MTB Race at ]

Matthew Parks, USAT Level 1 Triathlon Coach, Bozeman Triton Coach, Nationally Certified in Therapeutic  Massage and Bodywork (NCTMB).  If you need more information, have any questions or need some advice, please contact me.  Matt at or 406. 580.7987.

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