Dave Scott Free e-Program

While we’re basking in the warm weather down south in Boulder, I noticed that freezing rain was forecast for Bozeman this week. Fall has arrived up north. Tritons, it’s time to work on some of those flabby areas. I’m going to send you a sample program from my website that you can all try over the next 6 weeks. I have mountains of programs that will address all your strength needs. Check out my website at www.davescottinc.com and let me know how you do on this e-program. I’m sure Art’s magnificent 6-pack is a good goal for all of you. Paste the following link http://davescottinc.com/total-body-tri-101/  into your browser and check your Triton email for the password. 
— Dave
Dave Scott is the most recognized athlete and coach in the sport of triathlon. He is a six-time Ironman World Champion and the first inductee into the Ironman Hall of Fame. Dave provided an inspiring talk for the Tritons in the autumn of 2009. His sons Ryan & Drew are members of the Montana State University Bobcat Nordic Ski Team.

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