Introducing 2011 Triton A Team

Congratulations to Becky, Lawrence, Bill, Laurie, Tony & Art!

Becky Hochstein
Lawrence Sampson
Bill Schell
Laurie Thatcher
Tony Thatcher
Art Thompson

The Bozeman Triathlon Club has unanimously selected Becky, Lawrence, Bill, Laurie, Tony and Art as members of the inaugural 2011 Triton A Team. The A Team represents another Triton first, established through the generous support and sponsorship of Bangtail Bikes. Membership on the Triton A Team is an honor, and a reward for Triton core members who are proactive in volunteering and supporting the Club, triathlons and cycling in the Bozeman community. Members embody the spirit of the multisport lifestyle. While serving as a visible ambassador for the sport is the priority, Triton A Team members do receive special fringe benefits from its partners at Bangtail Bikes, Trek and Specialized. Triton A Team members have the opportunity to experience the same fast rides as Lance Armstrong, Team RadioShack, and the Trek/K-Swiss Triathlon Team. Congratulations to the 2011 Triton A Team, and best wishes for proudly representing the Bozeman Triathlon Club and fueling the multisport lifestyle in the year ahead!

Riding the new Trek Speed Concept, Trek/K-Swiss Triathlete Chris Lieto had the fastest bike split at the 2009 Kona Ironman World Championship. According to the August 2010 edition of Triathlete Magazine, “The Speed Concept 9 Series’ combination of fit, adjustability, aerodynamics, drop-dead good looks, and usability make it the best tri bike on the road today.”

Lance Hammerin’ on His Trek Speed Concept. Team RadioShack, 2010 Tour de France, Stage 19 Time Trial.

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