Triton MultiRider Indoor Cycling Center – Program Starts January 18th, Sign Up Today, Reservations Limited!


MultiRider Full House – Carmichael Training Systems, December 21, 2010.


Ride with your teammates this winter and find out what the rest of the triathlon world is talking about! Check it out — and  The Bozeman Triathlon Club operates the only MultiRider Indoor Cycling Center in the entire state of Montana. In its third year, and always sold out, the Triton indoor cycling program provides cycling training specificity, with power. Ride your bike, in the aero position, with your teammates, and train with power. Stay motivated this winter, have fun with your teammates, start base phase training, and plug into this incredible Club venue! Improve your cycling, and supplement your overall training program. Importantly, get ready for the 2011 triathlon race season. Once the program starts, the Grizzly Triathlon will only be three months away!

TRITON MULTIRIDER PROGRAM – $180 for 4 months ($160 payable to 4800 Gym for venue use, $20 payable to Bozeman Triathlon Club for general maintenance, ride accessories, etc.). Group riding platform for eight riders on eight CompuTrainers. Program capacity is limited – only 16 memberships available. First come, first serve. Program includes: (1) Triton members only, exclusive Triton coached rides at 6:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays by volunteer Triton Coaches Laurie Thatcher, Tony Thatcher, and Matt Parks; (2) Triton members only, exclusive Triton programmed, long group ride at 10:00 AM on Saturdays; and (3) Unlimited rides during open hours at 4800 Gym. For all rides, members shall schedule seats for each time slot in advance, via the Tritons scheduling program available on the Club blog. Members shall schedule only one coached ride each week. More specifically, select the Tuesday or Thursday ride during a given week, not both. Seats are available on a first come, first serve basis. Program will run for 17 weeks from January 18th to May 14th at 4800 Gym. 4800 Gym is located at 507 Bond Street, Bozeman, Montana

TRITON COMPUTRAINER PROGRAM – Free – Single rider platform. As a sponsor of the Bozeman Tritons, 4800 Gym provides space for this Triton-owned equipment for Triton member use, free-of-charge, primarily during open hours.

PROGRAM RESERVATIONS — To reserve your spot on the Triton MultiRider Program and make the necessary $180 payment, please contact Tony Thatcher by email at or . These programs are available to Triton members only. Membership information is available at

The Bozeman Triathlon Club thanks CompuTrainer and 4800 Gym for sponsoring the Club and this indoor cycling program. Additional information about our sponsors is available at and, respectively.

We look forward to riding with you this winter! TRAIN ON.

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