Grizzly Triathlon Update

Below are a handful of fun Grizzly Triathlon factoids, courtesy Race Directors Giles Thelen and Elliot Basset. The race sold out in 20 minutes this year. Waiting list slots are available, and  racers are often accommodated. Get on the waiting list at RACE ON.

1) The Grizzly Triathlon is the biggest pool-swim triathlon in America, and the second biggest in North America with 420 race slots comprising about 460 racers. (There is a 500 racer triathlon in Vancouver, BC.)

2) This year the race filled in 20 minutes. The 2010 race filled in 2 hours, the 2009 race filled in 8 hours, the 2008 race filled in three days, and the 2007 race filled in about 1 week. If the trend holds, next year the race will fill in less than 5 minutes!

3) 54% of the racers are women.

4) 23% of the racers will be competing in their 1st Triathlon EVER!

5) Ages range from 10 (relay) to 76. 15 are over 60, and 22 are 18 or under. 34 are UM students

6) Eight states (Washington, Idaho, Colorado, Maryland, Nevada New York and Wisconsin) are represented, while 93% of the racers are from Montana.

7) Cities from Montana with over 10 entries are Missoula (49%), Bozeman (8%), Billings (6%) and Helena (3%). There are 24 other Montana cities represented in the 2011 race.

One Response

  1. The Griz is a great event and I’ve raced it 7 years in a row. However, its’ turned into a “typing race” to get into the event and this turns me off. Like the Ridge Run here in Bozeman, I suspect that they will eventually adopt a lottery style race entry system like the vast majority of oversubscribed races in the U.S. I’d rather enter my name, address, etc. in a leisurely pace rather than submit myself to a race of typing skills. I topped out at 60 words per minute in high school, and I suspect I’m significantly below that today. Good luck to all and polish up on your typing skills!

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