No Excuses – Swim Training Options During Bozeman Swim Center Closure 3/7-27

Yes, it’s true! The Bozeman Swim Center will be closed for three weeks starting tomorrow, March 7 to March 27, for a  main pool pump and lighting upgrade. The pool will reopen on its regular schedule on Monday, March 28. In the interim, swim training is available at the MSU Fitness Center.

Triathletes have two MSU Pool training options — (1) joining and swimming with the Bozeman Masters Swim Club during their scheduled workouts or (2)  swimming-on-your-own during lap swimming hours. General information on each program is available here — and

MSU Spring Break adds another minor scheduling inconvenience wrinkle, from March 11 to March 20.  Regardless, our great friends at the Bozeman Masters Swim Club (BOZE) issued an email last night, which thankfully addresses and ends these swim training coordination hassles. The email clearly, and comprehensively, laid out swim training scheduling options over the next three weeks, in detail, as follows.

The BOZE schedule for the remaining month of March is now revised. Additional swim workouts have been added at MSU, as follows.

Mo, Mar 07, 6-730pm at MSU
We, Mar 09, 6-730pm at MSU
Su, Mar 13, 4-6pm at MSU
Mo, Mar 14, 6-7pm at MSU
Tu, Mar 15, 6-7pm at MSU
We, Mar 16, 6-7pm at MSU
Mo, Mar 21, 6-730pm at MSU
We, Mar 23, 6-730pm at MSU
Sa, Mar 26, Montana Masters Swimming Championships at MSU
Su, Mar 27, Montana Masters Swimming Championships at MSU
Mo, Mar 28, 6-730pm at MSU
Tu, Mar 29, 7-830pm at Swim Center
We, Mar 30, 6-730pm at MSU
Th, Mar 31, 7-830pm at Swim Center

During the Swim Center closure, swimming-on-you-own is available during lap swim times at MSU, as follows. The cost is $7/day, and you can swim more than once that day. Weekly passes are available  for $20, or monthly for $60. The Tritons recommend that you call ahead to the MSU Fitness at (406) 994-5000 to confirm your workout timetable, in the event of possible MSU scheduling revisions, especially over Spring Break.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:30-8:00am-Lap Swim
Tuesday, Thursday 6:00-8:00am-Lap Swim
Monday-Friday 11:00-1:00pm-Lap Swim
Monday-Friday 4:00-6:00pm-Lap Swim


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