Tritons Run to the Pub!


An absolutely beautiful spring day greeted a dozen Tritons, and another twelve hundred or so runners, at the annual Run to the Pub yesterday. It was great to see everyone out there on the course — at the start line, the finish chute and Pub 317 for a couple of pints of Guinness. Sadly, and previously our exclusive domain, with JayZ winning it the first year and yours truly in 2010, the Tritons did not 3-peat on the Trip to the Dublin Marathon this year. We’ll just have to bring home the trip in 2012. And, how about former Triton Coach Aubrey Curtis winning the overall 10K  in a blistering pace of 5:49? Nice racing everyone. Nothing like getting the race season rolling, the heart pumping, especially with the Montana Masters Swimming Championships and the Grizzly Triathlon on the horizon.  See you out there again soon. ERIN GO BRAGH!

TRITONS RUN TO THE PUB – March 12, 2011
Triton Div Plc Div Time Pace
Becky Hochstein 4 F20-29 46:43.6 7:32
Bridget Benjamin 49 F30-39 57:49.6 9:20
Sherri Pearson 68 F30-39 59:27.6 9:35
Megan Miller 143 F20-29 1:07:23.0 10:52
Chris Martin 33 M40-49 1:07:27.9 10:53
Margo Hickman 22 F50-59 1:20:24.6 12:58
Wendy Gerez 4 F60-69 1:27:03.3 14:02
Julie Zickovich 18 F30-39 1:46:56.5 8:10
Jo Van Cutsem 18 M30-39 1:50:24.9 8:26
Art Thompson 9 M50-59 1:51:00.6 8:28
Ryan Takeshita 21 M30-39 1:55:08.5 8:47
Lauren Marvel TBD F20-29 TBD TBD



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