Functional Threshold Test

Good morning, Tritons!  Great job yesterday to those who rode at CrossFit 4800 and did their threshold test.  As promised, I wanted to further explain how you can calculate your power zones (similar to your heart rate zones) for training purposes.  But first, I will explain the test and some things you want to consider when you take the test next time.

Warm-up:  Approx 30 minutes (15 min easy spin, 5 min hard – but not all out, 5 min easy spin, 3 min hard, 1 min easy spin).  You want to always do the same warmup for your tests.  Keep everything as consistent as you can.  If you ride at 6 pm, then ride at 6 pm for all your same tests.  By keeping all aspects consistent, you are ensuring that you are getting good and accurate results of where your fitness level is at.  Don’t forget to also get the same amount of rest before each test.

Main set:  20 minutes of as hard as you can go.  Remember, in order to get faster on the bike, you need to not only get stronger but also get more efficient on the bike.  While everyone should always strive to improve their power on the bike, they should first consider their efficiency first before they concern themselves with their average wattage.  If you are on a triathlon bike, ride the bike as you would in a race – get into your aerobars.  You are not very efficient by sitting up and “mashing” the pedals. 

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is your average wattage for the 20-minute test minus 5%.  This gives a more precise estimate for your FTP, which usually encompasses a 60-minute test.

Cool-down:  5 minutes of easy spinning.

Power zones (from Training and Racing with a Power Meter by Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan)

Active Recovery             <55% of FTP

Endurance                         56-75% of FTP

Tempo                                 76-90% of FTP

Lactate Threshold          91-105% of FTP

VO2 Max                             106-120% of FTP

Note:  From my personal experience (both training and coaching), don’t get yourselves wrapped up in numbers.  I know that some of us are very analytical, and love to crunch numbers and get everything dialed in, which is GOOD…if applied properly.  If you are this type of person, channel most of that energy into your race-day nutrition (especially you long-course athletes).  As far as exercising and workouts go, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.  Most, if not all, elite-level athletes do train with a purpose…but they train also by how they feel.  DON’T BE A SLAVE TO THE NUMBERS!!  Monitor your heart rate first, then make note of your wattage.

Hope this helps.  Happy training everyone.


DeSoto Wetsuits on Sale at Fleet Feet!

Hey all!  Tony Brendgard wanted me to let you all know that he is clearing out his inventory of DeSoto wetsuits for an outstanding price.  The Black Pearl bibjohn and pullover (bottom and top) for only $225 – normal retail $330.  That’s more than $100 off retail!  We’ve got to make room for new stock coming in, so if you are in the market for a “full” triathlon wetsuit for next season (who in Montana races without a wetsuit??), then come on down to Fleet Feet soon… before they are all gone.  Note:  Sale does not apply to special orders…just what we currently have in stock.  See below for sizes on hand.


Bibjohn:    2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 5, 5, 6, 6, 6

Pullover:  2, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, 5, 5, 6, 6

For DeSoto’s sizing chart, go to


Coach Aubrey

Many “Thanks” to Bozeman Tritons

Aubrey's Helmet

Wow…the power of the internet!  Only minutes after a short phone message to Art on the reason for my DNF at the Longhorn 70.3 (I knew he would be quick to check the results after the race), I received so many well wishes from local athletes and friends.  On top of that, I see my good friend from Arizona posted my infamous hospital picture on Facebook, which led to many other messages and comments on my page.  News sure does spread fast.  Well, I just want to say “thanks” to all those who have sent me emails, left phone messages, and approached me in person to send their regards and wish me a speedy recovery.  All your positive vibes must be working…cause I seem to feel better everyday.  I’m even thinking of getting back on the trainer next week (of course, not putting too much pressure on my right arm).

I can attest that for my situation, I was lucky for a few reasons.  First, if it wasn’t for my helmet, I would likely still be in the hospital in critical condition.  Second, the compound fracture on my right collar-bone allowed the medical professionals to perform surgery and plate the two bones together which allows for a quicker recovery (similar to Lance Armstrong’s surgery before his return to the Tour De France this year – funny how I was in Austin, Texas for this whole ordeal).  Third, I did not obtain any serious injuries to my lower body, other than road rash.  All in all, I must say I made out okay.  Plus, any crash you can walk away from…is a good crash.

Thanks again, Tritons!  Enjoy the “off” season, and I look forward to getting on XC skis with some of you soon.



Interbike – Las Vegas


Just a quick note on my first experience with Interbike.  For those who don’t know what Interbike is…basically, it is the largest bicycling convention in the world which takes place every September in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Every company/vendor that has anything to do with bicycling has a booth at the Sands Convention Center, and only people who are associated with the business (i.e. retailers, professional athletes, coaches) are given a pass to attend.  I was fortunate enough this year to acquire a pass with the guys from Great Divide Cyclery from Helena, Montana.

While there, I not only saw some great products that will be introduced in 2010, but also saw leaders in the sport from the likes of Christian VandeVelde (American pro cyclist) to Gary Fisher (bike innovator and creator).  I also attended the Cervelo private party at the Palazzo (in the Venetian Hotel/Casino) and met some of the riders for the Cervelo Test Team (ProTour team).

It was a great time, and I must thank Eric and Steve from Great Divide for letting me tag along. 

Some things to keep an eye out for as far as triathlon goes…TYR Hurricane (first wetsuit ever done by the company), 2XU X1 Project wetsuit, and the Specialized Transition/Shiv time-trial bikes.

Happy training,

Coach Aubrey

Triton Training in Winter Wonderland

Well, apparently there will be absolutely no fall this year…and we are moving right into winter.  After two weeks in hot and sunny Las Vegas, I was welcomed home last week with 40 degree temps.

However, there is some good that comes from the weather turning as it has. For those who are coming off a long, hard training and racing season…this is mother nature telling you to take some much needed rest and relaxation.

If you are one of those who absolutely refuse to sit still for any length of time, at least take this time to prepare for some winter sports.  Personally, I have retrieved the cross-country skiis from the storage unit, and look forward to possibly getting on them come November (we’ll see).

For those who don’t ski, we are still meeting every week until the end of November for a run in preparation for the Rock N’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon or Half Marathon.  This should be a nice, flat, fun race to keep motivation high through the cold winter months.  For the next few weeks, we will be doing more hill work to build strength.

As for the Saturday bike rides, we plan on riding outside as long as the roads are dry/clear, and the weather cooperates.  This past Saturday we had a great turnout, and the temps began to warm up after the start.  Everyone is free to ride their own pace – not a race, but don’t hesitate to “mix it up” if you feel the urge.

And of course, I cannot forget BOZE Masters workouts…every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday.  Now is a great time to focus on your swimming, so when the spring comes around, you can devote more time to the bike and run.

There’s plenty of opportunities to train and socialize with the Bozeman Tritons this winter.  Happy training (I’ll see you out there)!

Coach Aubrey

Viva Las Vegas!

rocknroll las vegas marathon

Hey Gang!  Just wanted to keep everyone up to speed on the happenings this winter.  For those who truly want to improve in this sport, there is NO “off” season per se.  How about we take a breather, enjoy our friends and families for awhile, then jump into some fall marathon training?  This was the first week of our Wednesday runs (meeting at various locations) in preparation for the Rock n Roll Las Vegas Marathon or Half Marathon on December 6th.  Taking a page out of Michelle’s training manual, you can always incorporate some races for the sheer enjoyment of getting out and exercising.  While some may not find marathons “fun”, I would tell them that it’s all what you make of it.

First Look at Fall Training/Racing Calendar


Good morning/afternoon!  Here is a first look at what we have in store this fall.  For those who weren’t able to make the last club meeting, we have decided to add a marathon to the race calendar this winter (Rock N’ Roll Las Vegas).  In September, we will start meeting once a week for a group run.  All are welcome, but we will be gearing up for either the half or full marathon on December 6th.  Also, we will continue to meet once a week for either a road ride, or mountain bike ride (depending on the weather and trail conditions).  Look for indoor cycling to commence after the first of the year.

Autumn 2009 – Triton Training & Race Calendar

rocknroll las vegas marathon

Hope everyone’s season has been going well.  From the calendar, there still is a few races that you can still jump into before the snow flies.

Happy Training,

Coach Aubrey

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