Pick Up the Pace! It’s Tuesday @ the Track!

The ZPT Interval Training Group had its first SUNNY track workout of the season last night.  We had a solid showing, with twenty-odd, hard working athletes participating, ignoring the winds. Tritons Lauren Marvel and Jon Wirth worked in with the group, while I had the opportunity to serve as this week’s Workout Ambassador (volunteer leader). Coach Laurie Thatcher kicked in, too, and offered up a mega-dose of support and coaching advice. As a reminder, these training sessions offer runners the opportunity to get out of their comfort zone, to improve their running,  and to focus on technique, intensity, and increasing pace. To give you a feel for the training session, see the workout below. Check out these workouts, and get faster! Pick up the pace, every Tuesday, 6:00 PM, MSU Track. It’s Tuesday @ the Track!

While developing the following pace chart for this run-at-1-mile pace workout, I realized that many participants might not know their 1-mile run pace, or a reasonably accurate pace target for the workout, to make the training session effective for them. Tritons might know their pace per mile for a 5K or 10K or a half marathon, but not their pace goal for a faster 1-mile race, or the other distances. To address these varying paces per distance (faster for shorter distances, slower for longer), I have recently been following Matt Fitzgerald’s Target Pace Training, and thought other Tritons might benefit by the information.

Many teammates are already familiar with Matt Fitzgerald, having followed his training plans in the “Essential Week-by-Week Training Guide.” In his “Brain Training for Runners,” Matt lays out Target Pace Levels for various run distances on Tables 4.1 and 4.2. Building from one of your actual, recent race times, say for the Pub 317 Half Marathon, you can establish your overall Training Pace Level (TPL) score in Table 4.1. In Table 4.2, your TPL score then sets your target paces for a recovery run, base run, marathon, half marathon, 10K, 5K, 3K, and 1-mile. The target training paces are adjusted for you, for each run distance – faster for the 1-mile, slower for the marathon.

So, if you want to tune your training and race pacing, I recommend checking out “Brain Training for Runners.” And, in the future, when a coach says, do this run workout  at a 10K pace, presto, you’ll know exactly what pace to do!

Backwards Running – 4X
Butt Kicks – 4X
High Knees – 4X
Skip – 4X
Tempo Strides – 4X

This is a nice workout to get your legs rolling, without being too anaerobic. Try to use a strong, efficient stride and avoid straining.
4-6 Times Thru the Following Sequence:
300 Run /100 Walk-Jog
100 Run / 300 Walk-Jog
That’s 8-12 Times Around the Track.
Runs @ Mile Pace. That’s the time you can run a mile, if it were a 1-mile long race!


1-Mile 300 M 100 M   1-Mile 300 M 100 M
4:30 0:50 0:16   7:20 1:22 0:27
4:40 0:52 0:17   7:30 1:24 0:28
4:50 0:54 0:18   7:40 1:26 0:28
5:00 0:56 0:18   7:50 1:28 0:29
5:10 0:58 0:19   8:00 1:30 0:30
5:20 1:00 0:20   8:10 1:31 0:30
5:30 1:01 0:20   8:20 1:33 0:31
5:40 1:03 0:21   8:30 1:35 0:31
5:50 1:05 0:21   8:40 1:37 0:32
6:00 1:07 0:22   8:50 1:39 0:33
6:10 1:09 0:23   9:00 1:41 0:33
6:20 1:11 0:23   9:10 1:43 0:34
6:30 1:13 0:24   9:20 1:45 0:35
6:40 1:15 0:25   9:30 1:46 0:35
6:50 1:16 0:25   9:40 1:48 0:36
7:00 1:18 0:26   9:50 1:50 0:36
7:10 1:20 0:26   10:00 1:52


Catapalooza 2009!


The Tritons would like to be seen at Catapalooza held on the MSU campus.  This is a great marketing and outreach event for the community to tell people about our club and share YOUR experiences.  If you would like to sign up to represent and tell others about our exciting club, please let me know. 

Catapalooza will be held Wednesday August 26th-Friday August 28th from 10AM to 3 PM on the MSU mall.  If you would like an hourly slot (or a few) let me know by Friday, August 14th.   Drop me an email at sw1078@hotmail.com .

Thanks for your support of the club.


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