2010 Ford Ironman World Championship Highlights

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What a race last weekend! Wellington bows out. Reminiscent of the Scott vs. Allen 1989 IronWar, McCormack and Raelert go tactical in the last few miles, and Macca’s experience wins out. Carfrae powers her way past Dibens in the marathon. Lost in the post-race hoopla, Carfrae finishes in 8:58, only four minutes behind Wellington’s 2009 world record pace. Enjoy these TriCenter highlights, and get ready for next year. RACE ON.

Live on Saturday – 2010 Ford Ironman World Championship!

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Watch the Super Bowl of all Triathlons, Get Motivated for the 2011 Tri Season!
Coverage Begins with Bodymarking at 9:00 AM Mountain Time
Race Starts at 10:30 AM Mountain Time

The live streaming webcast will include pro & age group coverage, former Ironman World Champion commentary & interviews. Please see the following announcement for additional coverage details. Viewing of the live webcast requires the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight. Additionally, if you are using a Mac, Ironman recommends Firefox as your browser. To view, log on to www.ironman.com or www.ironmanlive.com, then just click on the “viewing” window. Enjoy the show, and RACE ON.


Tune in to IronmanLIVE this Saturday to witness the action and excitement of the 2010 Ford Ironman World Championship.

The all-day Webcast will stream on www.ironmanlive.com and www.ironman.com on Saturday, Oct. 9 beginning at 5 a.m. GMT (11 a.m. EDT). Hosted by Ironman World Champion Greg Welch, IronmanLIVE will broadcast live video starting from the 5 a.m. body marking and continuing to the midnight finish. Pro analyst, Lisa Bentley, and age group correspondent, Matt Lieto, will provide insight and commentary from the swim, bike and run transitions, hot corners and the finish chute.

Throughout the day, viewers will enjoy: a new show format with enhanced pro and age group athlete coverage; product launch announcements from Ironman partners; Bob Babbitt’s most memorable Kona moments from the past 30 years; swim footage from three angles, including one on the water in Kailua Bay; live interviews with the top three male and female professional finishers and the first male and female age groupers; the opportunity to watch every athlete as they cross the finish line on Ali’i drive; plus much more! 
The Ford Ironman World Championship Ramp-Up Show, hosted by Greg Welch, Lisa Bentley and Matt Lieto, will be posted on Friday, Oct. 8, at 6 a.m. GMT (noon EDT). The show will include discussions on this year’s top professional contenders, race day tips for age group athletes and inspirational participant stories.

IronmanLIVE, bringing the Ironman experience to you.

Dave Scott Free e-Program

While we’re basking in the warm weather down south in Boulder, I noticed that freezing rain was forecast for Bozeman this week. Fall has arrived up north. Tritons, it’s time to work on some of those flabby areas. I’m going to send you a sample program from my website that you can all try over the next 6 weeks. I have mountains of programs that will address all your strength needs. Check out my website at www.davescottinc.com and let me know how you do on this e-program. I’m sure Art’s magnificent 6-pack is a good goal for all of you. Paste the following link http://davescottinc.com/total-body-tri-101/  into your browser and check your Triton email for the password. 
— Dave
Dave Scott is the most recognized athlete and coach in the sport of triathlon. He is a six-time Ironman World Champion and the first inductee into the Ironman Hall of Fame. Dave provided an inspiring talk for the Tritons in the autumn of 2009. His sons Ryan & Drew are members of the Montana State University Bobcat Nordic Ski Team.

Silverman Hosts 2011 Long Course Triathlon World Championship


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Here’s a terrific, new USA Triathlon video release. The Silverman Triathlon hosts the 2011 ITU Long Course Triathlon World Championship in Henderson, Nevada near Las Vegas. Team USA last hosted the ITU LC Tri World Championships in 1996. For more event details, check out our previous blog post here – http://wp.me/pzmms-oZ. Have a great weekend, and day of racing fun at the Spring Meadow Tri!

Swim Tips by Dave Scott, Summer OWS Program

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Open water swimming at the pond is right around the corner. Hooaaaaah! As we wait for the water temperatures to warm, here are a few swim technique tips to practice at the pool from Ironman Dave Scott.

As a reminder, the Bozeman Masters Swim Club (“BOZE”) will be offering open water swim sessions at the Pond every Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6:00 PM, beginning June 2nd, weather and water temperature dependent.

After years of informal, sporadically scheduled, hey let’s swim at the pond tomorrow! Open Water Swims at the East Gallatin Recreation Area and Hyalite Reservoir, the BOZE OWS program is now structured , representing an even greater commitment to this swim format, and to community triathletes and open water swimmers. There’s a pre-set Monday & Wednesday evening schedule, offering numerous triathlon swim and open water swim training sessions this summer.

For this inaugural year of the program, Tritons, local triathletes, and others may swim with the new, summer-long BOZE OWS program simply by joining United States Masters Swimming (“USMS”). No other separate BOZE membership fees are required.

USMS Memberships are available online for $32 at http://www.usms.org/reg/. Please list your Club affiliation as the Bozeman Masters Swim Club, and your Workout Group as None. The Club abbreviation is BOZE.

If interested, full memberships to the complete BOZE program, providing access and privileges to all BOZE swim training opportunities at the pools AND the pond, are separately available at www.bozemanmasters.org.

Let’s support this new BOZE OWS program, and this renewed commitment to triathlon swimming and open water swimming in our community!

As a final comment, with respect to the triathlon swim training and open water swimming experience and the visibility of this swim format at the Pond, for the near term, I personally would love to see permanent swim course buoys and an open water swim event during Sweet Pea weekend, on Sunday, the day after the Bozeman Classic. Call it a “broken” duathlon, too. Support the buzz. Chat up BOZE coaches, members, and others, and may be this ball will start rolling!

Grizzly Tri Results!

On The Podium - Tritons Julie Zickovich, Laurie Thatcher, Art Thompson, Greg Benjamin

On The Podium - Julie Zickovich, Laurie Thatcher, Art Thompson, Greg Benjamin

Missoula, Montana – April 10, 2010
Four Tritons Land on the Grizzly Triathlon Age Group Podium!
The Tritons recorded a couple of firsts this year at 22nd annual Grizzly Triathlon. The Club had its largest number of racers ever at the season opener—FIFTEEN– and its largest number of podium finishers ever, with FOUR. Either we’re growing or getting faster, and both are good. Julie Zickovich, Laurie Thatcher & Art Thompson landed silver medals, and Greg Benjamin earned a bronze. Occasionally referred to as the Montana World Championships by local Missoulians, the Grizzly Triathlon is by far the largest multi-sport race in Montana. Four hundred and six individual triathletes and seventeen teams participated yesterday. Age group sizes again ran deep, with most hovering around 20 racers per bracket. Sunny weather offered fast race conditions. Detailed race results follow. Congrats to all, and TRAIN ON.


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More Grizzly Tri photos, thanks to teammate Tony Thatcher — http://bit.ly/cEmdlt
More Grizzly Tri news, photos, video, via The Missoulian — http://www.bit.ly/9ceVIO
And, a Grizzly Tri blog post, by the winning female, “Montana Made” professional triathlete Linsey Corbin — http://linseycorbin.com/node/494


2010 Grizzly Triathlon Results – Age Group Men

2010 Grizzly Triathlon Results – Age Group Women

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TRAIN WITH A PURPOSE – Michelle Blessing

Time to Get Moving!

Ok Tritons, no more loafing around waiting for the weather to break – spring is here and it’s time to get going!  Don’t forget to strengthen your glutes, low back and abs as you ramp up your spring training.  Below are a couple great exercises; hip extension and hip abduction with a stretch cord.  These two will really fire those dormant glute muscles.  Good luck.  – Dave Scott

Spring Training Ramp Up – Program for Bozeman Tritons – By Dave Scott

Dave Scott is the most recognized athlete and coach in the sport of triathlon. He is a six-time Ironman World Champion and the first inductee into the Ironman Hall of Fame.

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