CompuTrainer Rides

Congrats to those who rode last night’s 20K TT. Gentlemen, you did great. Please look forward to some interval work the next few sessions. Base rides on the weekend. Have fun, see you at the Powderhound!

Matthew Parks, USAT Level 1 Certified Coach

Long Term Training Plan

Some basics you should have for your training program:

  1. Establish training and racing goals for the upcoming year
  2. Start to make upgrades to your equipment
  3. Establish your periodized plan of attack for the completion of your key races for the year
  4. Don’t forget about your benchmark testing!  (this should be done every 6 – 8 weeks)
  5. Incorporate psychological training along with your physiological training

If you have questions about a more specific training plan, please let me know.  I’d be happy to help.

If you are interested in the upcoming CompuTrainer rides, please contact Tony Thatcher to sign up!  This will be an excellent way to improve your cycling fitness!

Triton Mixer — Friday, January 14th, What’s your 2011 Triathlon Resolution?

Stop by Anytime, 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM, Friday, January 14th
The Big Table @ Sola Cafe

This fun “open house style” mixer is open to all current and prospective Triton members, and informally serves as the Club’s annual meeting. Join the Club. Get psyched for the 2011 Triton training program and area races. Bring your questions, suggestions, and other ideas. Additionally, if you are interested in volunteering to serve the Club in some capacity, please bring it on. Support the Club. Train, race and volunteer. We hope to see you at Sola Café!


2010 Bozeman Tritons Triathlon
Long Course Event – Bridger Canyon Ride

Triton Programs
MultiRider Indoor Cycling – Starts January 18,
Powder Hound Winter Triathlon & USA Triathlon Pacific Northwest Region Winter Triathlon Championship – January 30,
Special Olympics Unified Sports Triathlon – May 10,
Bozeman Tritons Triathlon – Sprint, Long Course, Junior, Youth Races – July 30, 31, (soft launch, work-in-progress!)

2009 Triton Triathlon Camp
USA Olympic Coach Michelle Blessing
Yellowstone National Park Group Ride

Triton Partner Programs
Bozeman Masters Swim Club – Ongoing,
Big Sky Wind Drinkers (Bozeman Running Company) – Tuesday @ Track (awaiting confirmation from BRC),
Gallatin Valley Bicycle Club – Thursday TTs (New this year, still tentative, awaiting confirmation from GVBC),

Grizzly Triathlon is only 16-weeks away!

Triton Team Racing
Grizzly Triathlon – April 23, Be sure to register at 8:00 AM on January 10!. Race filled in 3-hours in 2010,
Spring Meadow Triathlon – July 10,
Coeur d’Alene Triathlon & USAT PNW Region Championship – August 13,

Bozeman Triathlon Club (Bozeman Tritons)
Over 50-members strong and now entering its fifth season in 2011, the Bozeman Triathlon Club is an official USA Triathlon Club, a first for Bozeman and the Gallatin Valley region. The Club welcomes athletes of all ages and abilities to this growing sport and healthy lifestyle. According to USA Triathlon, no matter what level of experience, from newbie to pro, your triathlon experience will be enhanced by joining a USAT club. Members will train smarter, harder and have more fun with people of a like mind. USAT Clubs are where fun happens, where you can get together to train and party. USAT actively promotes clubs.

USA Triathlon (USAT)
Fueling the Multisport Lifestyle
USA Triathlon is the sanctioning authority for more than 3,000 diverse events, ranging from grassroots to high-profile races nationwide. The organization works to create interest and participation in a variety of programs, including camps, clinics, races and educational opportunities. USA Triathlon’s 130,000-strong membership is comprised of athletes of all ages, coaches, officials, parents and fans striving to strengthen multisport. Triathlon participation in the United States is at an all-time high, following unprecedented growth over the past decade. USA Triathlon can easily track the surge through its membership numbers, which approached 135,000 annual members in June 2010. To put that into perspective, annual membership hovered between 15,000 and 21,000 from 1993-2000.

Triton MultiRider Indoor Cycling Center – Program Starts January 18th, Sign Up Today, Reservations Limited!


MultiRider Full House – Carmichael Training Systems, December 21, 2010.


Ride with your teammates this winter and find out what the rest of the triathlon world is talking about! Check it out — and  The Bozeman Triathlon Club operates the only MultiRider Indoor Cycling Center in the entire state of Montana. In its third year, and always sold out, the Triton indoor cycling program provides cycling training specificity, with power. Ride your bike, in the aero position, with your teammates, and train with power. Stay motivated this winter, have fun with your teammates, start base phase training, and plug into this incredible Club venue! Improve your cycling, and supplement your overall training program. Importantly, get ready for the 2011 triathlon race season. Once the program starts, the Grizzly Triathlon will only be three months away!

TRITON MULTIRIDER PROGRAM – $180 for 4 months ($160 payable to 4800 Gym for venue use, $20 payable to Bozeman Triathlon Club for general maintenance, ride accessories, etc.). Group riding platform for eight riders on eight CompuTrainers. Program capacity is limited – only 16 memberships available. First come, first serve. Program includes: (1) Triton members only, exclusive Triton coached rides at 6:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays by volunteer Triton Coaches Laurie Thatcher, Tony Thatcher, and Matt Parks; (2) Triton members only, exclusive Triton programmed, long group ride at 10:00 AM on Saturdays; and (3) Unlimited rides during open hours at 4800 Gym. For all rides, members shall schedule seats for each time slot in advance, via the Tritons scheduling program available on the Club blog. Members shall schedule only one coached ride each week. More specifically, select the Tuesday or Thursday ride during a given week, not both. Seats are available on a first come, first serve basis. Program will run for 17 weeks from January 18th to May 14th at 4800 Gym. 4800 Gym is located at 507 Bond Street, Bozeman, Montana

TRITON COMPUTRAINER PROGRAM – Free – Single rider platform. As a sponsor of the Bozeman Tritons, 4800 Gym provides space for this Triton-owned equipment for Triton member use, free-of-charge, primarily during open hours.

PROGRAM RESERVATIONS — To reserve your spot on the Triton MultiRider Program and make the necessary $180 payment, please contact Tony Thatcher by email at or . These programs are available to Triton members only. Membership information is available at

The Bozeman Triathlon Club thanks CompuTrainer and 4800 Gym for sponsoring the Club and this indoor cycling program. Additional information about our sponsors is available at and, respectively.

We look forward to riding with you this winter! TRAIN ON.

Triton News Blast

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Feel the spirit of triathlon. What a weekend of racing! A huge array of events — Chicago Triathlon, Ironman Canada, Ironman Louisville, Ironman 70.3 Brazil, and over a 1,000 triathletes participating at the inaugural San Francisco Triathlon at Alcatraz. Amazing! Not to mention that the dignified Elin Nordegren turns out to be the real tiger, a triathlete in the making. On the local Bozeman Triathlon Club scene, Tritons should mark your calendars for the following events. The Club will distribute emails, laying out all of the details, shortly. TRAIN ON.

September 10th — “Let’s Keep the Good Vibe Rolling!” — 2011 Triton Triathlon Race Series, Initial Coordination Meeting. 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM. Thatcher Residence.

September 17th — “Do You Want To Be Considered for the 2011 Triton A Team? Let Us Know!” — 2011 Triton A Team Expressions of Interest Deadline.

November 13th — “Time to Show the Triton (Wo)Man Cave Some Love!” — 2011 MultiRider Equipment & Program Tune-Up. 9:00 AM. 4800 Gym.

Cycling Starts Thursday, It’s a SwimFest!

Outdoor Cycling Starts Thursday! A SwimFest of Opportunities!

Triton Outdoor Cycling – 5/6, Bogert Park. Starts this Thursday! Meet at Bogert Park @ 5:45 PM. Every Thursday, thru 6/24. Check the Club Twitter channel on ride afternoon for possible session changes.

Special Olympics – 5/12, MSU. Unified Sports Triathlon program is now available on the Triton blog. Special Olympics volunteer meeting is set for this Thursday, 5/6. MSU Student Union Building, Ballroom D. 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM.

Bozeman May Swim Classic – 5/14-16, Bozeman Swim Center. Great time trial opportunity on Friday evening. 1500 meter freestyle. Other events, too! Entry form deadline is tomorrow.  Entry form is available here –

Open Water Swimming – Starts 6/2, weather permitting, the Pond. BOZE Open Water Swim training season. Mondays & Wednesdays, 6:00 PM. East Gallatin Recreation Area.

AquaRoc 5K – 6/13, Bozeman Swim Center. Test your long distance swim endurance. Solo, or share this fun experience with a team. Entry forms should be available on the BOZE blog soon.

Triton Ironman CDA BBQ – 6/25, Coeur d’Alene, ID. A Triton tradition is cooking. Chat with Carrie & Lawrence Sampson.

Triton Uniform Order – Be Incredible! We have about a half dozen orders for these top shelf Sugoi tri unis. Need 12. Final deadline this Sunday, 5/9. Check out the unis here –

Triton Running – Every Tuesday, 6:00 PM, MSU Track. Rain or shine. Program available here —

Triton Indoor Cycling – Back-up plan only. Tritons can MultiRide indoors in the event of inclement weather. Open to all Tritons. $5 per session drop-in. $20 per month. Scheduling available here —

Congratulations – To Tritons Jeremy leFeber, Ben Fisher & David Ellenberger on their recent races! Awesome. Check the Triton Tweets to learn more.

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Triton Unis, Cycling, Running & Special Olympics

Triton Uniforms, Indoor Cycling, Outdoor Cycling, Running & Special Olympics

Triton Uniform Order – Last call. Now really teammates, how can you race this summer, and not don the uber cool Triton outfit? Get connected, have more fun, show your team spirit. Rumor has it you’ll race faster, too. Right now, without your support, the minimum order size is in jeopardy.

Triton Indoor Cycling – Go ahead, flip off old man winter (sorry!), I did, and continue MultiRiding. Thanks to sponsor CrossFit 4800, Tritons can now ride indoors during inclement weather. Open to all Tritons. $5 per session drop-in. $20 per month.

Triton Outdoor Cycling – Starts next Thursday, May 6th. Meet at Bogert Park @ 5:45 PM. Every Thursday, thru 6/24. In the event of inclement weather, the session will shift to CrossFit 4800. Sorry, 9 riders max at CrossFit, drop-in fee required. Check the Club Twitter channel on the afternoon of the ride for possible outdoor cycling venue and scheduling changes.

Triton Outdoor Running – The Club is supporting and training with the ZPT Interval Training Group. 8 Tritons running at the last session. 20+ runners total. Every Tuesday, 6:00 PM, MSU Track. Rain or shine.

Special Olympics – The Club is solid on the volunteer front. Thank you. Preliminary triathlon program will be published any day now. Any Triton still interested in volunteering, please let me know. The more, the merrier.

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