Treasure State Triathlon Results

 2008 Treasure State Triathlon Group Photo

Front Row:  Nicole Youngbauer, Dan Heil, Minde Erickson, Elizabeth Campbell, Jen Masquelier, Ryan Takeshita, Art Thompson.
Back Row:  Chris Martin, Eric Martin, Jonathon Rulseh, David Gaillard, Zack Jay, Steve Clayton, Chris Depner, Greg Benjamin, Lander Purvis, Sherri Pearson, Lawrence Sampson.  Triton participants missing from Photo (Sorry!) – Coach Laurie, Molly Hayes & Ada Montague.

An incredible twenty-two Tritons participated in the 2008 Treasures State Triathlon.  The day was picture perfect, the water warm, and the times fast!  Thanks to the coaching, especially Coach Laurie!  In keeping with the Olympic (Triathlon) spirit, the Club had twelve medalists on the podium.  Winning their division, Chris Depner, Dan Heil, Steve Clayton, Greg Benjamin, Molly Hayes and the Procrastinators (Jen Masquelier, Elizabeth Campbell, Minde Erickson) took home the gold!  Jonathon Rulseh landed a silver medal, and while Sherri Pearson, Lawrence Sampson, and Art Thompson finished with a bronze.  Congrats to all, for a terrific, fun-filled race.

# Time Triton Age Medal Ranking Swim Bike Run
1 2:12:36.7 Chris Depner M25-29 Gold #1 Age Group 22:20.9 1:06:14.2 44:01.5
2 2:16:13.5 Dan Heil M40-44 Gold #1 Age Group 21:40.8 1:07:55.7 46:36.8
3 2:23:57.7 Steve Clayton M20-24 Gold #1 Age Group 27:30.8 1:06:35.9 49:50.9
4 2:24:20.0 Jonathon Rulseh M20-24 Silver #2 Age Group 27:51.6 1:13:08.8 43:19.5
5 2:25:23.7 Greg Benjamin M35-39 Gold #1 Age Group 24:23.8 1:08:57.0 52.02.8
6 2:27:35.4 Jen Masquelier Team Gold #1 Female Team 23:58.2
7 2:27:35.4 Elizabeth Campbell Team Gold #1 Female Team 1:15:20.5
8 2:27:35.4 Minde Erickson Team Gold #1 Female Team 48:16.7
9 2:29:20.0 Lawrence Sampson M40-44 Bronze #3 Age Group 21:25.9 1:12:48.8 55:05.3
10 2:29:58.6 David Gaillard M40-44 #4 Age Group 25:49.0 1:13:32.9 50:36.7
11 2:31:07.1 Zack Jay M25-29 #5 Age Group 21:00.6 1:18:02.8 52:03.7
12 2:33:29.0 Art Thompson M50-54 Bronze #3 Age Group 27:32.8 1:12:19.3 53:36.7
13 2:37:55.8 Sherri Pearson F30-34 Bronze #3 Age Group 26:08.6 1:13:51.7 57:55.4
14 2:41:43.1 Eric Martin M30-34 #4 Age Group 36:35.6 1:11:57.7 53:09.8
15 2:43:33.2 Chris Martin Team #5 Mixed Team 33:24.1
16 2:43:33.2 Melissa Zemlicka Team #5 Mixed Team 1:11:44.7
17 2:43:33.2 Nicole Youngbauer Team #5 Mixed Team 58:24.2
18 2:46:34.5 Ryan Takeshita M30-34 #5 Age Group 26:13.3 1:21:45.2 58:36.0
19 2:50:52.2 Ada Montague F30-34 #5 Age Group 32:43.6 1:21:25.3 56:43.3
20 2:50:59.3 Lander Purvis F25-29 #6 Age Group 29:09.7 1:18:48.6 1:03:01.0
21 3:09:15.3 Carrie Sampson F30-34 #8 Age Group 32:42.7 1:30:45.5 1:05:47.0
22 4:14:00.3 Molly Hayes F75-79 Gold #1 Age Group 46:09.2 1:54:57.8 1:32:53.2

Coach Laurie Coaching at 2008 Treasure State Triathlon

Special Thanks to Laurie Thatcher for Coaching the Tritons! 

More pictures here —

A complete listing of participant finish times is available here –

Thanks to our sponsor Fleet Feet Bozeman for the hospitality, hosting and directing a wonderful event, and providing lunch afterwards!

The Tritons have successfully concluded its summer triathlon training plan and program!  There are no formal training sessions currently planned in the next few weeks.  Take a break, enjoy the summer!  Meanwhile, the Coaches will be meeting in the next week to discuss the Club’s off season program.  An outline should be available soon, likely at Catapalooza during the last week of August.  Stop by the Club’s table at Catapalooza, or better yet, volunteer to “man the booth.”






Harvest Thunder (Sprint) – Great Falls


Kitrick Rhodes


#4 Age Group


Chris Martin


#3 Age Group


Nicole Youngbauer


#2 Age Group

Coeur d’Alene Triathlon (Olympic)


Chris Depner


#7 Age Group


If you are a new annual USAT member, please email your USAT Member # and expiration date to
The Tritons need your data to finalize the submittal for the USAT Pacific Northwest Region Club Championships! Thank you.

If you are interested in any of these upcoming triathlons, or other events, or maybe even the GVBC century ride this weekend, please let the Club know.  Group outings may be possible!









MTCC Garden City

Frenchtown (Missoula)



Half & Full Iron

Grand Columbian

Grand Coulee, WA




USAT National Championship

Portland, OR




USAT Halfmax National Championship

Las Vegas, NV



Sprint, Olympic, Half

USAT Club National Championship

Las Vegas, NV

Triathlon workouts week of August 11, 2008

This is our final taper week! Remeber the purospe of the workouts this week, are to remind your body how to move and keep it sharp- so that means low volume, rest and small amounts of intensity!!! You want to feel rested and ready to go on race day, not tired!!

Tuesday: Masters swimming @ 7:30 pm- you should not swim more than 2700 meters total.

Wednesday: Cycling @ 6pm Bogart park. We will bike 40 minutes easy with a few pick ups followed by a 20 minute run!

Thursday: Running @ 6pm at Bogart Park. A 30 min run with 5×30 sec strides.
Masters Swimming @ 7:30 pm – swim no more than 1800 meters!

Sunday- August 17th RACE DAY- see you at East Gallatin Rec area!! It is recommneded that you arrive 1.5hr before start time to warm up and get yourself ready!! GOOD LUCK!!

Triathlon workouts week of August 4th, 2008

We are now tapering for the next 2 weeks!! The goal is to maintain fitness and recover so you are rested and ready to race!! You want to feel very rested by August 17th, so modify the workouts as you need to for your body. There is extra recovery this week. If you are planning on riding with the team on Wednesday, take Friday as a complete recovery day and don’t do the ride indicated on Tueday( we will do this workout as a team on Wednesday)

Tuesday:  Masters Swim 7:30 pm.

Wednesday: Cycling 6pm @ Bogart Park.  1.5 hr ride with 10 minutes of tempo. * note on the training plan it says to take this day off- but change the extra day off this week to Friday!!!

Thursday: Running 6pm @ High school track. WU 15 min MS:8-10, 200’s. CD: 15 min

Masters swimming @ 7:30 pm!!

Friday: Open water swim @ East gallatin Rec @ 6pm

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