Cycling Starts Thursday, It’s a SwimFest!

Outdoor Cycling Starts Thursday! A SwimFest of Opportunities!

Triton Outdoor Cycling – 5/6, Bogert Park. Starts this Thursday! Meet at Bogert Park @ 5:45 PM. Every Thursday, thru 6/24. Check the Club Twitter channel on ride afternoon for possible session changes.

Special Olympics – 5/12, MSU. Unified Sports Triathlon program is now available on the Triton blog. Special Olympics volunteer meeting is set for this Thursday, 5/6. MSU Student Union Building, Ballroom D. 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM.

Bozeman May Swim Classic – 5/14-16, Bozeman Swim Center. Great time trial opportunity on Friday evening. 1500 meter freestyle. Other events, too! Entry form deadline is tomorrow.  Entry form is available here –

Open Water Swimming – Starts 6/2, weather permitting, the Pond. BOZE Open Water Swim training season. Mondays & Wednesdays, 6:00 PM. East Gallatin Recreation Area.

AquaRoc 5K – 6/13, Bozeman Swim Center. Test your long distance swim endurance. Solo, or share this fun experience with a team. Entry forms should be available on the BOZE blog soon.

Triton Ironman CDA BBQ – 6/25, Coeur d’Alene, ID. A Triton tradition is cooking. Chat with Carrie & Lawrence Sampson.

Triton Uniform Order – Be Incredible! We have about a half dozen orders for these top shelf Sugoi tri unis. Need 12. Final deadline this Sunday, 5/9. Check out the unis here –

Triton Running – Every Tuesday, 6:00 PM, MSU Track. Rain or shine. Program available here —

Triton Indoor Cycling – Back-up plan only. Tritons can MultiRide indoors in the event of inclement weather. Open to all Tritons. $5 per session drop-in. $20 per month. Scheduling available here —

Congratulations – To Tritons Jeremy leFeber, Ben Fisher & David Ellenberger on their recent races! Awesome. Check the Triton Tweets to learn more.

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Triton Unis, Cycling, Running & Special Olympics

Triton Uniforms, Indoor Cycling, Outdoor Cycling, Running & Special Olympics

Triton Uniform Order – Last call. Now really teammates, how can you race this summer, and not don the uber cool Triton outfit? Get connected, have more fun, show your team spirit. Rumor has it you’ll race faster, too. Right now, without your support, the minimum order size is in jeopardy.

Triton Indoor Cycling – Go ahead, flip off old man winter (sorry!), I did, and continue MultiRiding. Thanks to sponsor CrossFit 4800, Tritons can now ride indoors during inclement weather. Open to all Tritons. $5 per session drop-in. $20 per month.

Triton Outdoor Cycling – Starts next Thursday, May 6th. Meet at Bogert Park @ 5:45 PM. Every Thursday, thru 6/24. In the event of inclement weather, the session will shift to CrossFit 4800. Sorry, 9 riders max at CrossFit, drop-in fee required. Check the Club Twitter channel on the afternoon of the ride for possible outdoor cycling venue and scheduling changes.

Triton Outdoor Running – The Club is supporting and training with the ZPT Interval Training Group. 8 Tritons running at the last session. 20+ runners total. Every Tuesday, 6:00 PM, MSU Track. Rain or shine.

Special Olympics – The Club is solid on the volunteer front. Thank you. Preliminary triathlon program will be published any day now. Any Triton still interested in volunteering, please let me know. The more, the merrier.

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04.02.2010 Triton News – Training, Triton Mixer

Starts This Tuesday, April 6th, Meet at the MSU Track @ 6:00 PM
Triton Coaches recommend group running every Tuesday this year at the MSU Track. The program runs from April 6th through October 19th, and is provided by, and in cooperation with, the Zombro Physical Therapy Interval Training Group. A rotation of coaches will lead these training sessions every Tuesday evening, with Triton Coaches Laurie Thatcher, Matt Parks and Alanna Sherstad serving as three of the “Workout Ambassadors.” These training sessions have the potential to significantly improve your running economy, leg turnover, and performance. The major purpose of these sessions is to provide a welcoming group training environment where runners of all ages and abilities can gain the benefits of interval training, while working at their own level. Coaches recommend warming up, prior to the 6:00 PM start time. Group drills will be conducted from 6:00-6:15 PM. The actual running portion of the workout will begin promptly at 6:15 PM. Early season running conditions are highly variable. Dress appropriately and be prepared for rain, sleet, wind, snow, or sunshine. Click on the link for the complete ZPT Interval Training Group program.

2010 Track Workouts

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Running Drills for the Track. Just Ask Lauren Fleshman. Improve Your Running form. Super Video.

Starts Thursday, May 6th, Meet at Bogert Park @ 5:45 PM
Triton Coaches will lead group outdoor cycling sessions every Thursday this year. The program runs from May 6th through June 24th. These outdoor training sessions will include bricks, tempo rides, time trials/intervals, and hill repeats. Meanwhile, the Triton indoor cycling program has one month remaining. The MultiRider program is SOLD OUT, and the coaches ask that members riding in this program be sure to sign up by 5:00 PM on the day of the ride. Free, uncoached use of the Triton CompuTrainer remains available to all Tritons. Schedule via the new Triton Scheduling Platform here –

Stop by Anytime, 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM, Friday, April 16th – Pour House (Back Room)
Have a Chance to Win Free Rudy Project Gear

Meet Triton Coaches Laurie Thatcher & Matt Parks, and welcome new Triton Coaches Alanna Sherstad and Jo Van Cutsem. This fun “open house style” mixer is open to all current and prospective Triton members, and informally serves as the Club’s annual meeting. Join the Club. Discuss the 2010 Triton training program and area races. Bring your questions, suggestions, and other ideas. Additionally, if you are interested in volunteering to serve the Club in some capacity, please bring it on. For some added fun, club members (those who could not participate at the Triton Winter Camp!) will have four chances to win Rudy Project gear, sunglasses and helmets valued at approximately $200 each. Winning names will be drawn at random, likely every 30 minutes, starting at 6:00 PM. Winners must be in attendance, and represent the Tritons by wearing the RP Gear during their triathlon(s) this year. Other giveaways may be possible.

NICE to have former Team USA Triathlon Head Coach Michelle Blessing’s recent and informative Triton blog post on strength training. 
JOIN 19 other Tritons. VOLUNTEER to support the Special Olympics triathlon event on 5/12.
GOOD LUCK to all Tritons racing at the Grizzly Triathlon next weekend! It’s the season opener. Yahoo!

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TRAIN WITH A PURPOSE – Michelle Blessing

This Week on TriCenter

Vodpod videos no longer available.

September 21, 2009 – TriCenter previews the XTERRA USA Championship in Ogden, Utah, chats with Australian Luke McKenzie from Kona, and sits down with two-time Ironman World Champion Normann Stadler. During an average training week, Stadler stated that he swims 12-to-15 miles, bikes 250-to-300 miles, and runs 50-to-60 miles.  Wow! He’s currently training with a running club in San Diego, in preparation for Kona.  Also, be sure to stay tuned at the end of the clip for a TriCenter Twitter channel giveaway. Train on!

Triton Tweets Now Available on Twitter


Follow the Bozeman Tritons on Twitter.  It’s Tweeter!
For Immediate Triton Training Updates & News
It’s Simpler – More Timely, More Concise, More Consistent

Why do so many people seem to like Twitter?  Simplicity has played an important role in Twitter’s success.  People are eager to connect with other people and Twitter makes that simple.  Twitter asks one question, “What are you doing?”  Answers (“tweets”) are under 140 characters in length and can be sent via mobile texting, instant message, or the web.

The Bozeman Tritons are now sending tweets and using the Twitter communication channel much more frequently, and more consistently, than email.  It’s quick, and allows us to instantly communicate with members and Twitter “followers” easily, via short mobile phone text messages.

The Club is using Twitter to alert members of training sessions, last minute changes, immediate Triton race results, quick hitting news, sound bites, etc.   These Triton Tweets efficiently provide members with a more timely stream of Triton news. 

Based on initial testing and use, Twitter will likely be the Triton’s primary communication tool.  It may be already.  It’s so simple.

Triton Tweets are now available for all Tritons, Twitter users and non-users alike.  For Twitter users, Triton Tweets are available as a text message on your mobile phone (check your rate plan!) and on your Twitter home page.  For Twitter non-users, tweets are available as a news-like feed on this blog and at

The Club recommends members joining the Twitter network (it’s VERY easy) and following the Tritons.  To stay absolutely current with Club news and activities, check Triton Tweets (and this blog!) frequently, not your inbox.  Click here to join Twitter today —  Enjoy!

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