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Popular Women’s Triathlon Sells Out
It took only 23 minutes for the May 15, 2011 Gold Nugget Triathlon to hit its registration limit of 1,500 racers. Online registration opened at 8:00 p.m. on a Wednesday and at 8:23 p.m., applicants were shut out as all slots had been filled. Those who were unable to register were given a bit of hope. If a registered applicant did not pay by March 9, there would be a random lottery for slots. The Gold Nugget Triathlon is a girls and women only event. Its popularity leads one to believe that there is room for another similar event or more triathlons in Alaska.

Triathlon Risk Management: Cycling
By Katharine M. Nohr, reprinted from
While chatting with JJ Johnson, a certified USAT coach at Starbuck’s one day, I introduced him to my website, and we discussed safety issues in sports. Since I’m the regional officials coordinator for USAT for Hawaii, JJ often asks me about issues relating to the USAT Competitive Rules. We discussed our amazement that so many triathletes claim that they do not know or understand the rules. This seems absurd as athletes in every other sport football, basketball, baseball, golf, and tennis seem to be well aware of their sport’s rules. Why should triathlon be any different? JJ reminded me that the typical training of triathletes involves cycling in a pace line with athletes riding their bikes close together drafting. If triathletes primarily practice drafting during training rides, when are they practicing adhering to the USAT rule requiring that, “while on the cycling course, no participant shall permit his drafting zone to intersect with or remain intersected with the drafting zone of another cyclist…”?. See Rule 5.10a of the USAT Competitive Rules.

The competitive rules were established for fairness as well as safety. Cyclists increase the risk of collision related injuries when drafting close to one another. Because of this and because of the training advantage gained by not drafting, one would think that coaches might eliminate drafting from their training rides or, at least minimize it. My suspicion is that an athlete that primarily trains by not drafting other cyclists will become stronger physically and would be less likely to incur a time penalty in a USAT sanctioned event. Also, the athlete would be less likely to be injured and the coach less likely to be sued in the event of an injury. This is certainly something to think about.

2011 Regional Championship and Special Qualifiers
There are three important special qualifiers for our region in June. On June 11, 2011, at 8 a.m., Moses Lake Family Tri will hold The Pacific Northwest Special Qualifier at Blue Heron Park. On June 12, South Maui Triathlon at Wailea, will be the intermediate distance Special Qualifier. The Regional Championship this year will be held at the Coeur d’Alene Triathlon on August 13. These three events will qualify the top 33 percent or top five finishers (whichever is greater) in each age group for Age Group Nationals. For more information on the Age Group National Championship and qualification standards, click here.

Skills Development Camp in Boise
Guest Coaches Heather Wurtele (two-time Ironman Champion) and Trevor Wurtele will be working with three USAT certified coaches at our Skills Development camp for 13-19 year old junior elites to be held in Boise June 11-16. This camp will focus on the fundamentals of triathlon’s three disciplines. In the pool, athletes will work on swim stroke fundamentals, as well as buoy turns, navigation, and open water entries and exits. On the bike, athletes will practice cornering, climbing, descending, and braking skills. Athletes will be introduced to group riding skills and entry-level draft-legal skills. Run practices will focus on dynamic warm-ups, form, and transition runs. Extensive practice at transitions will take place with athletes mastering flow-through transitions. In addition, guest lecturers will be present in the areas of sports nutrition, functional strength training and injury prevention and how to structure their training. Coaches will also work with athletes on how to balance triathlon training with high school sports. The cost of the camp is $750, inclusive of airport transfer, room and board, and all activities. Scholarships available on need basis. To apply please e-mail triathlon background of prospective camper. Once accepted, parents will be given a code to register on Contact me Alexander Endo with any questions (917) 992-4627 or

Sanctioning Fees for New Races
USAT Pacific Northwest Council is offering to pay sanctioning fees for new races. This will be on a first come, first serve basis. Race directors who are interested in applying for such sanctioning funds, should send their requests to

Funds Available to Promote USAT Races
USAT Pacific Northwest Council has money in its budget to promote USAT sanctioned races. If you have any ideas how this money can be used in an effort to increase USAT sanctioned races and membership, please submit your ideas to

Attend our Annual Membership Meeting on August 12 in Coeur d’Alene
Attend USAT Pacific Northwest Region’s Annual Membership Meeting on August 12, 2011, at the Coeur d’Alene Triathlon and Duathlon. Steve Born from Hammer Nutrition will be our featured speaker. Time and location to be announced.

Duathlon National Championship
In less than one month, duathletes will converge on Tucson, AZ for the 2011 USAT Duathlon National Championship. The 5k-35k-5k run/bike/run competition will qualify athletes for the 2011 ITU Duathlon World Championship in Gijon, Spain. Don’t miss your opportunity to race in a beautiful place, compete with fellow duathletes and vie for your chance to qualify for Team USA! The top eighteen athletes in each age group with roll-downs to twenty-fourth place will qualify for worlds. For more information and to register, please visit USA Triathlon.

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Help Others Join USAT
There has never been a better time to join USA Triathlon and fuel the multisport lifestyle with fun, fitness and friends. Know someone you’d like to see join our family of athletes? Please direct them to the ever-easy and fast membership link.

GVBC Spring Party! Spring, Summer Triathlon Group Training Opportunities!

The 2011 GVBC Spring party will be Wednesday, March 23, at 6 pm at the Lindley Center. GVBC will have pizza and beer (keg so bring a mug or you can purcahse a GVBC pint glass for $5). Please bring something for the potluck. A-M bring side dish type things, N-Z bring desserts.

You will be able to sign up for the club ($10) at the party. GVBC will go over the upcoming season’s events and you will be able to sign up to volunteer for the swap. If you can’t make the party but would like to sign up to volunteer at the Swap, contact Pat at

Additionally, and of special interest to the Tritons, registration ($25) and the race schedule for the 2011 Colin Craig Memorial Series will be available ( 

For a variety of cycling reasons, including a special dose of inter-club cooperation with respect to triathlon training this spring & summer, GVBC has switched its twice-a-month Time Trial series from Tuesdays to Thursday evenings.

The Triton Spring/Summer training schedule is now fully integrated, and conflict-free!

Mo – Open Water Swimming with BOZE , 6:00 PM, East Gallatin, Starts 6/20.
Tu – Tuesday @ Track, Running with BRC, 6:00 PM, TBD, Starts 4/5.
We – Open Water Swimming with BOZE, 6:00 PM, East Gallatin, Starts 6/22.
Th – Thursday TTs, Cycling with GVBC, 6:00 PM, Various Locations, Starts 4/14, every other Thursday.

A tip of the cycling helmet, and appreciation to GVBC from the Tritons! Let’s get out and support our cycling community.

CompuTrainer Rides

Congrats to those who rode last night’s 20K TT. Gentlemen, you did great. Please look forward to some interval work the next few sessions. Base rides on the weekend. Have fun, see you at the Powderhound!

Matthew Parks, USAT Level 1 Certified Coach

Long Term Training Plan

Some basics you should have for your training program:

  1. Establish training and racing goals for the upcoming year
  2. Start to make upgrades to your equipment
  3. Establish your periodized plan of attack for the completion of your key races for the year
  4. Don’t forget about your benchmark testing!  (this should be done every 6 – 8 weeks)
  5. Incorporate psychological training along with your physiological training

If you have questions about a more specific training plan, please let me know.  I’d be happy to help.

If you are interested in the upcoming CompuTrainer rides, please contact Tony Thatcher to sign up!  This will be an excellent way to improve your cycling fitness!

Triton MultiRider Indoor Cycling Center – Program Starts January 18th, Sign Up Today, Reservations Limited!


MultiRider Full House – Carmichael Training Systems, December 21, 2010.


Ride with your teammates this winter and find out what the rest of the triathlon world is talking about! Check it out — and  The Bozeman Triathlon Club operates the only MultiRider Indoor Cycling Center in the entire state of Montana. In its third year, and always sold out, the Triton indoor cycling program provides cycling training specificity, with power. Ride your bike, in the aero position, with your teammates, and train with power. Stay motivated this winter, have fun with your teammates, start base phase training, and plug into this incredible Club venue! Improve your cycling, and supplement your overall training program. Importantly, get ready for the 2011 triathlon race season. Once the program starts, the Grizzly Triathlon will only be three months away!

TRITON MULTIRIDER PROGRAM – $180 for 4 months ($160 payable to 4800 Gym for venue use, $20 payable to Bozeman Triathlon Club for general maintenance, ride accessories, etc.). Group riding platform for eight riders on eight CompuTrainers. Program capacity is limited – only 16 memberships available. First come, first serve. Program includes: (1) Triton members only, exclusive Triton coached rides at 6:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays by volunteer Triton Coaches Laurie Thatcher, Tony Thatcher, and Matt Parks; (2) Triton members only, exclusive Triton programmed, long group ride at 10:00 AM on Saturdays; and (3) Unlimited rides during open hours at 4800 Gym. For all rides, members shall schedule seats for each time slot in advance, via the Tritons scheduling program available on the Club blog. Members shall schedule only one coached ride each week. More specifically, select the Tuesday or Thursday ride during a given week, not both. Seats are available on a first come, first serve basis. Program will run for 17 weeks from January 18th to May 14th at 4800 Gym. 4800 Gym is located at 507 Bond Street, Bozeman, Montana

TRITON COMPUTRAINER PROGRAM – Free – Single rider platform. As a sponsor of the Bozeman Tritons, 4800 Gym provides space for this Triton-owned equipment for Triton member use, free-of-charge, primarily during open hours.

PROGRAM RESERVATIONS — To reserve your spot on the Triton MultiRider Program and make the necessary $180 payment, please contact Tony Thatcher by email at or . These programs are available to Triton members only. Membership information is available at

The Bozeman Triathlon Club thanks CompuTrainer and 4800 Gym for sponsoring the Club and this indoor cycling program. Additional information about our sponsors is available at and, respectively.

We look forward to riding with you this winter! TRAIN ON.

Introducing 2011 Triton A Team

Congratulations to Becky, Lawrence, Bill, Laurie, Tony & Art!

Becky Hochstein
Lawrence Sampson
Bill Schell
Laurie Thatcher
Tony Thatcher
Art Thompson

The Bozeman Triathlon Club has unanimously selected Becky, Lawrence, Bill, Laurie, Tony and Art as members of the inaugural 2011 Triton A Team. The A Team represents another Triton first, established through the generous support and sponsorship of Bangtail Bikes. Membership on the Triton A Team is an honor, and a reward for Triton core members who are proactive in volunteering and supporting the Club, triathlons and cycling in the Bozeman community. Members embody the spirit of the multisport lifestyle. While serving as a visible ambassador for the sport is the priority, Triton A Team members do receive special fringe benefits from its partners at Bangtail Bikes, Trek and Specialized. Triton A Team members have the opportunity to experience the same fast rides as Lance Armstrong, Team RadioShack, and the Trek/K-Swiss Triathlon Team. Congratulations to the 2011 Triton A Team, and best wishes for proudly representing the Bozeman Triathlon Club and fueling the multisport lifestyle in the year ahead!

Riding the new Trek Speed Concept, Trek/K-Swiss Triathlete Chris Lieto had the fastest bike split at the 2009 Kona Ironman World Championship. According to the August 2010 edition of Triathlete Magazine, “The Speed Concept 9 Series’ combination of fit, adjustability, aerodynamics, drop-dead good looks, and usability make it the best tri bike on the road today.”

Lance Hammerin’ on His Trek Speed Concept. Team RadioShack, 2010 Tour de France, Stage 19 Time Trial.

Toward the End of the Season

The “off-season” is upon us. Maybe. I think in Montana, as well as other states, that we just shift our activities according to the season. There are always the later-season triathlon races out of state but you can look toward some running races and mountain bike & cyclocross races coming up. Check out the calendars online ( &

Recently did some continuing education about recovery and injury prevention: here are some of the notes. Some of these theories have not changed over the years.

Resting HR measurements are still very valid – keep track of these daily or weekly (taken at the same time) increasing numbers are usually not better

Contrast therapy (i.e. hot and cold water) works very well to aid in the flow of the blood – used after workouts after you are cooled down

Optimal sleep appears to be the number one recovery tool: it seems (good nutrition a close second) – make sure you sleep about 7 – 9 hours per night – spend additional time performing recovery techniques each day – 1 minute per mile of training per day (45 miles per week = 45 minutes daily of recovery work)

Compression wear – could be a placebo effect – but who cares! as long as it works – make sure you have the correct size

Whether or not you call it injury prevention or injury reduction, you should treat yourself as best you can.

Some aspects of injury prevention include: nutrition, hydration, and quality of sleep. In other words, don’t perform a workout unless you are fully recovered (both physically and mentally). This may mean you need to tweak your training plan accordingly.

Enjoy your training. Best of luck to the Garden City racers this weekend.

BTW, if Doug Fletcher is out there, I want to find out about Leadville 🙂 

[Admin Tag. Tritons can enjoy reading all about their teammate’s Leadville Trail 100 MTB Race at ]

Matthew Parks, USAT Level 1 Triathlon Coach, Bozeman Triton Coach, Nationally Certified in Therapeutic  Massage and Bodywork (NCTMB).  If you need more information, have any questions or need some advice, please contact me.  Matt at or 406. 580.7987.

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