2010 Ford Ironman World Championship Highlights

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What a race last weekend! Wellington bows out. Reminiscent of the Scott vs. Allen 1989 IronWar, McCormack and Raelert go tactical in the last few miles, and Macca’s experience wins out. Carfrae powers her way past Dibens in the marathon. Lost in the post-race hoopla, Carfrae finishes in 8:58, only four minutes behind Wellington’s 2009 world record pace. Enjoy these TriCenter highlights, and get ready for next year. RACE ON.

Dave Scott Free e-Program

While we’re basking in the warm weather down south in Boulder, I noticed that freezing rain was forecast for Bozeman this week. Fall has arrived up north. Tritons, it’s time to work on some of those flabby areas. I’m going to send you a sample program from my website that you can all try over the next 6 weeks. I have mountains of programs that will address all your strength needs. Check out my website at www.davescottinc.com and let me know how you do on this e-program. I’m sure Art’s magnificent 6-pack is a good goal for all of you. Paste the following link http://davescottinc.com/total-body-tri-101/  into your browser and check your Triton email for the password. 
— Dave
Dave Scott is the most recognized athlete and coach in the sport of triathlon. He is a six-time Ironman World Champion and the first inductee into the Ironman Hall of Fame. Dave provided an inspiring talk for the Tritons in the autumn of 2009. His sons Ryan & Drew are members of the Montana State University Bobcat Nordic Ski Team.

Time to Get Moving!

Ok Tritons, no more loafing around waiting for the weather to break – spring is here and it’s time to get going!  Don’t forget to strengthen your glutes, low back and abs as you ramp up your spring training.  Below are a couple great exercises; hip extension and hip abduction with a stretch cord.  These two will really fire those dormant glute muscles.  Good luck.  – Dave Scott

Spring Training Ramp Up – Program for Bozeman Tritons – By Dave Scott

Dave Scott is the most recognized athlete and coach in the sport of triathlon. He is a six-time Ironman World Champion and the first inductee into the Ironman Hall of Fame.

Dave’s Thoughts

Hello Tri-club members! It was great coming up to Bozeman and chatting with you all. You’ve got a great energetic and hearty group of athletes. Hopefully in the future on one of my visits to see my two sons we can reconnect. One winter training tip that I’d like to share is to start up or continue your strength training. Make sure you include full body exercises that incorporate the glutes, hips, low abs and low back, quads and arms in one exercise. For example, an old fashion burpee with a push up and a vertical jump added into the exercise is a good one use.  A second exercise is to take a set of light dumbbells  and to perform a squat lowering the weights to the floor simutaneously jumping and curling the weights to your shoulder immediately followed by a half squat and completing the exercise with a split leg overhead jump press. Happy winter training! – Dave www.davescottinc.com

Dave Scott Mixer Follow Up!

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Hey Triton teammates, sponsors, and friends! Thanks so much for attending and supporting the Club’s Mixer with Dave Scott last Friday.

Based on the feedback, I’d say everybody had a wonderful time, and thoroughly enjoyed Dave, his storytelling, and the inspiration. Dave enjoyed the event and meeting you, too. He thought the event went well, and it was neat for his children (Ryan, Drew and Kara) to see him speak, as they have not been to many of his talks.

I hope the Club has the interest and opportunity to have Dave visit with us again someday. Remember to shed those fears, define your own personal standards for success, DO WHAT YOU CAN AT THE MOMENT, and have fun out there.

Finally, special thanks to Triton teammate Joe Cobb for producing and sharing the attached “Dave Scott Bozeman Triton Talk” notes. Most Excellent. The Bozeman Triathlon Club appreciates your support.

Dave Scott Bozeman Triton Talk

IronWar Uncut – Dave Scott & Mark Allen

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Tune in to this TriCenter IronWar interview with Dave Scott and Mark Allen, uncut from the 2009 Ironman World Championships last week. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the greatest Ironman race in history.

Today, as a coach, Dave Scott serves as advisor for both 2009 Ironman World Champions, Chrissie Wellington and Craig Alexander.  He has worked with Craig on strength and recovery programs over the last year, and Chrissie’s complete program for the last three months. 

Check out Dave’s views on Kona, Chrissie, Craig, triathlon training and the Ironman world from today’s Outside Magazine online — http://outside-blog.away.com/blog/2009/10/ironman-kona-dave-scott.html

The Bozeman Triathlon Club welcomes Dave Scott on October 30th.  Please see the previous post for event information, and make your reservations today!

Tritons Welcome 6-Time Ironman World Champion Dave Scott


Dave_finish (2)

Introducing 6 Time Ironman World Champion
A Motivating Evening with Dave Scott

Baxter Hotel – Petite Ballroom
Friday, October 30th, 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Mixer, Reception, Cash Bar
Sponsored by Morgan Stanley Smith Barney

Bozeman Triathlon Club Members – $20
Public — $30

Reservations Quite Limited.
Reservations Accepted on a First Come, First Served, Paid in Advance Basis.
Please Email bozemantritons@yahoo.com, Provide Attendee Names.
Mail Check to the Bozeman Triathlon Club, PO Box 1647, Bozeman, MT 59771-1647.


By 1989, Dave Scott was a six-time Ironman World Champion and Mark Allen, defeated in his previous attempts, a feared contender. This year, though, all bets were off. From the start, Mark hung on to Dave with mind-numbing intensity, and won.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Enjoy this Ironwar race video, learn more about “The Man” at www.davescottinc.com , then attend this Triton social event and get inspired for training and racing in 2010! 

Don’t forget the 2009 edition of the Kona Ironman World Championship is this Saturday!

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