Chi Running Clinic!

Greetings Tritons!

On Saturday, June 9, the Tritons are sponsoring a Chi Running clinic with local instructor Damian Stoy.  

What is Chi Running?  This from his web site:
Chi Running
combines the inner focus and flow of Tai Chi with modern physics to create a revolutionary running technique that reduces pain, injuries and effort while increasing joy, mental clarity and performance.  The benefits of Chi Running are similar to the benefits of running barefoot with many additional advantages including postural and alignment corrections, relaxation techniques, more efficient breathing and other practices to keep you running healthy and in balance.  Also, the benefits of Chi Running will last your entire life!

Check out his web site for complete information:  We’ve been hearing great things about his clinics and wanted to make sure that you have the chance to try it out.  

The 4-hour workshop will be held Saturday, June 9, 8:30AM – 12:30PM.  Cost is $125/person, but Tritons members will receive a $20 discount!  The clinic is capped at 12 participants, and we already know of some interest, so make sure you sign up quickly!  

Sign up at: Chi Running Workshop <> .   

-Tony and Laurie Thatcher,

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